[Libs-Or] Requesting information on your library's use of "roving" reference

Sue Adams sueada at lincc.org
Sat Jun 14 16:10:18 PDT 2014

Do you or your library use a roving reference (sometimes called mobile reference, point of contact reference, and roaming reference) model? I'm investigating the pros and cons of roving reference and am requesting information from those who use this model. 

If you rove, I wonder what you like and don't like about it? What are you hoping to achieve? And what works? And what doesn't? What could be done differently? Any good stories to share? 

And does your library have a written policy or standards or procedures that you could share? Or even a casual email announcing the service? 

I'm searching for both the official library stance and the personal opinions of librarians who rove. And if you prefer to remain strictly anonymous, that's fine too. 

This information will be compiled in a report to be used as a internal planning document for our library. 

Thank you very much! 


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