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Thanks for the quick responses! A few people suggested *Darwin's Radio* by
Greg Bear, and the patron confirmed it. She was very impressed ;-)

Thanks again.


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Possibly Darwin's Radio, by Greg Bear, though the publication date, 1999,
is a bit late for tape.

On Sunday, June 15, 2014, Elizabeth P. Figueroa <epfigueroa at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone,
> A patron is looking for a science fiction novel, and I need to consult the
> hive mind. She said she heard it on tape around 15 years ago, so I'm
> guessing it was published in the 90's or earlier. The story followed a
> couple that had found some prehistoric (or possibly alien?) DNA in a cave,
> and the woman was artificially inseminated with it. Government agents
> wanted to perform tests on the pregnant woman, so the couple went on the
> run. Most memorably for the patron, when the baby girl was born, she looked
> up at the man and said, "Hello, Mitchell." No other character names or
> other identifying details.
> Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
> -Lizzie Figueroa
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> Canby Public Library
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