[Libs-Or] Plan NOW to Attend the ARSL National Conference in Tacoma in September!

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Thu Jun 19 11:17:59 PDT 2014


You do not need to be a member of the Association of the Rural and Small Libraries to attend – this promises to be a fantastic national conference taking place in Tacoma, WA, from Sept 4-6.

Looking for more information? Then visit: http://arsl.info/category/conferences/conference-2014/

Ready to register? https://www.amrms.com/ssl/arsl/membership/Conference/Registration.aspx

Need more convincing? Here’s a countdown to the first five reasons you should come to the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference on September 4th through the 6th in Tacoma:

Here’s what you share with your boss                                   Here’s what you tell your family to get them to come along

#10 Keynote Speaker Daniel Rasmus                                      Hiking Mt Rainier, the snowy volcano which

Daniel Rasmus is the futurist whose session our                                dominates the eastern skyline

colleague raved about when she returned from

the Computers in Library conference

#9 Preconference library tours& space planning                                Ferryboat ride on scenic Puget Sound

Three very different libraries from which to

observe and learn in the morning:

•         a modular library built quickly  & green which uses

the bookstore method to shelve materials.

•         See how King County Library, one of the best in the

country, builds in flexibility

•         An exquisitely restored & repurposed Carnegie


•         Then in the afternoon I could take the Rooms that

Rock: practical tips for library space planning


#8 Which preconference would help me more?                Try to decide which is better:

How to design a literature festival for our                             Getting up close and personal with polar bears

community or crafting a successful adult                               at the Point Defiance zoo or enjoying the zip

education program?                                                                       line at Northwest Trek Animal park?

#7 Which would benefit our community more:                  Gondola ride up Crystal Mountain in the

attending the Gizmo Garage preconference                       Cascades with spectacular views of Mt Rainier

at which I could  simultaneously increase my skill level

with gadgets and learn about the program or

do I need to take the preconference about delivering

youth services now that Thelma is retiring?

#6 One of the keynotes is going to cover that new           Decide between the America’s Car Museum

benchmarking system  for technology called the                which has a special Mustang review downtown

Edge. I understand it helps give us info to use with          or go ten miles away to go LeMay complete

stakeholders.                                                                                     collection in Parkland which covers acres?

Questions? http://arsl.info/category/conferences/conference-2014/

Ready to register? https://www.amrms.com/ssl/arsl/membership/Conference/Registration.aspx

Carolyn Petersen
Association for Rural and Small Libraries Conference Chair

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