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Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, 5000 Discovery Dr, The Dalles OR 97058 http://gorgediscovery.org/ 
is offering these titles to libraries and museums.  The Discovery Center is a non-profit.  
We are Not on the courier.  

I personally will pay the postage to ship the books to your library.  Please reimburse 
the postage to Rosemary Ross, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center ... at the address above.

I am a volunteer librarian. Questions, contact me at rosebooks at gorge.net
Rosemary Ross

All are used paperback except “hrd“(hardback), in good condition unless noted at end of a citation

•	Age of reform, from Bryan to FDR / Richard Hofstadter.  Vintage Books, c1955.
•	America revisited history schoolbooks in the twentieth century / Frances FitzGerals. Vintage 
Books, 1980.
•	American economic history / Harold Underwood Faulkner. 7th ed. Harper, 1954. – hrd 
•	American environmental history, the exploitation & conservation of natural resources / 
Joseph M Petulla. Boyd & Fraser Pub Co., c1977.
•	American folk art, expressions of a new spirit. NY, Museum of American Folk Art, c1983.
•	American history 1600 to present, source readings / ed. Neil Harris … Holt Rinehart & 
Winston, c1969. 
•	American Indians / William T Hagan. U of Chicago Pr, 1971.
•	American west, a twentieth-century history / Michael P Malone … U Nebraska Pr, c1989.
•	American’s, the colonial experience / Daniel J Boorsten.  Vintage Books, c1958.
•	America’s frontier heritage / Ray A Billington. U New Mexico Pr, c1974.
•	Anaconda / Isaac F Marcosson/ Dodd, Mead, 1957-hrd
•	Archaeology in Montana / MT Archaeological Society. 
o	V.21 special issue no 2,1981; v.22 no3,1981; 
o	v23 no2,1982; special issue no3,1982; v24 no3,1983; 
o	v25 no.1,1984 (3 copies); v25 nos2-3,1984; 
o	v26 no.1,1985 (2 copies); v26 no2, 1985; v27 nos.1-2,1986;
o	V28 no.1,1987 (2 copies); v28 no2,1987; v29 no2,1988; 
o	v34 no.1,1993; v34 no2,1993; v35 no.1,1994; v35 no2,1994; 
o	v36 no.1,1995; v.36 no2,1995; v37 no.1,1996; v37 no2,1996;
o	v38 no.1,1997; v38 no2,1997; v39 no2,1998; v41 no2,2000 

•	Archeological overview & assessment for Wilson’s Creek national Battlefield, Greene & 
Christian Counties, Missouri / Douglas D Scott. US National Park Service, Midwest Archeological 
Center, Lincoln, NB, 2000.
•	Archaeology of frontier taverns on the St Louis-Vincennes trace / Mark J Wagner … Illinois 
State Museum & Ill Dept. of Transportation, 1993.
•	Architectural heritage, the MSTW Planning District / David K Butterfield … Manitoba, Dept. 
of Culture, Heritage & Recreation, historic Resources Branch, 1984.
•	Architectural walking tours of Laramie, Wyo. Albany Co. Historical Preservation Board, rev. 
•	Arguments of agriculture / Jan Wojcik.  Purdue U Pr, 1989.
•	Assiniboin (Nakota) first nation. Manitoba Culture, Heritage & Citizenship, Historic 
•	At the foot of the mountain / John R Honerkamp. Argus Printers, Stickney, SD, c1978.
•	Atlas of the Pacific Northwest / ed. Richard M Highsmith. 4th ed. Oregon State U Pr., c1968.
•	Bertrand stores, introduction to the artifacts from the 1865 wreck of the steamboat 
Bertrand / Leslie P Peterson. Desoto National Wildlife refuge, c1997.
•	Black Hills ghost towns / Watson Parker … Swallow Pr., Ohio U Press, 1980.
•	Billings, the magic city and how it grew / Kathryn Wright. Centennial ed. [the author], 1978.
•	British Museum.  London, [198?]
•	Buffalo Bill and the Wild West [an exhibition] 1982.
•	Building the herd / as told by Bryan Hilger as written by Wendy Woollett. Tailight 
•	Built to last, a handbook on recycling old buildings / Gene Bunnell. Preservation Press, 
National Trust for Historic Preservation, c1977.
•	Butte Montana, a project report. US Dept. of the Interior, 1981. (1979 project 
revitalization of Butte’s historic central district.)
•	Butte’s memory book / Don James. Caxton Printers, 1980. – hrd
•	Cahokia city of the sun. Ill., Cahokia Mounds Museum Society, 1992.
•	Carl Wimar, chronicler of the Missouri river frontier / Rick Stewart, et al. distr. H. N. 
Abrams, c1991.
•	Cathedral, the story of its construction / David Macaulay. Houghton Mifflin, c1973.
•	Cartography, thematic map design / Borden D Dent.  Wm C Brown, c1996.
•	Caves of Montana / Newell P Campbell.  State of MT, Bureau of Mines and Geology, Bulletin 
105, 1978. Map inserted.
•	Cenozoic tectonic evolution of southwest Montana & east-central Idaho / Edward T Ruppel.  MT 
Bureau of Mines & Geology.  Memoir 65, 1993.
•	Central Montana’s communities, yesterday, today & tomorrow / Ken Byerly. Central MT Pub Co., 
•	Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942, a new deal case study / John A Salmond. Duke U Pr, 
1967. –hrd (dust cover torn edges)
•	Civilization of Charlemagne / Jacques Boussard. McGraw-Hill, 1968.
•	Clocks & culture 1300-1700 / Carlo M Cipolla. Norton, c1978. (some pencil underlining)
•	Coming of the railways and language change in North Wales 1850-1900 / Don Jones.  U of Wales 
Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies, 1995.
•	Communications in the national forest of the northern region, a history of telephone and 
radio / J.H. “Bud” Coats. US Forest Service, GPO, 1984.
•	Compilation and index of theses on Montana geology 1899-1982.  MT Bureau of Mines and 
Geology, Special publication 88, 1983.
•	Craft of interviewing / John Brady. Vintage Books, 1977.
•	Diary of Martha Roe May 4, 1864 to Sept 8, 1864, Grinnell Iowa to Bannock Montana. LW 
Burket, 12/31/82.
•	Distance mirror, the calamitous 14th century / Barbara W Tuchman.  Knopf, 1978.
•	Dreaming war, blood for oil and the Cheney-Bush junta / Gore Vidal. Thunder’s Mouth Press / 
Nation Books, 2002.
•	Dutch homesteader on the prairies, Willem de Gelder / Herman Ganzevoort. U of Toronto Press, 
•	Earth watch, a survey of the world from space / Charles Sheffield. Macmillan, c1981. –hrd
•	Ecology & the politics of scarcity / William Ophuls. Freeman, c1977.
•	Eighteenth-century ceramics from Fort Michilimackinac … / J Jefferson Miller … Smithsonian 
Institution Press, 1970.
•	Farm landscape, a bibliography of the architecture & archaeology of farmsteads & settlement 
in Wisconsin & in the areas of origin of its settlers in the US and Europe / compiled by Peggy L 
Beedle.  Madison,
Division of Historic Preservation, State Hist. Soc. Of Wis., 1997.
•	Field guide to American architecture / Carole Rifkind. Plume Book, New American Library, and 
•	Final report on historic bridges in So Dakota / SD Dept. of Transportation, 1990.
•	Footlights and fire engines, the story of Bozeman’s glorious old opera house – city hall / 
John N & B.W. DeHaas. Museum of the Rockies, Mt State U.,1967.
•	Forms upon the frontier, folklife and folk arts in the United States / ed. Austin & Alta 
Fife … Utah State U Pr., c1969. Monograph series, vol. 16, no. 2, April 1969.
•	Fort Abraham Lincoln military post. No. D. Parks & Recreation Dept., Bismarck, ND, 1990.
•	Fort Custer 1877-1898, then & now / George E Polka. 1994.
•	Fort Davis, the men of Troop H / Scott Thybony.  Tucson, Southwest Parks & Monuments Assoc., 
•	From an Indian trail to eighteen wheelers / Esther Barnhart. 198?
•	From the ground up, the story of Brother Van, mountain pioneer missionary 1848-1919. Robert 
W Lind, 1961 –hrd
•	Frontier & the American West / complied Rodman W Paul. AHM Pub Corp, c1977.
•	Geologic story of the Great Plains / Donald E Trimble. T. Roosevelt Nature & History Assoc. 
Medora, ND, [1980?]
•	Ghost town maps, a guide to the historic town of the Black Hills of SD / Dale Baity. 
Vermillion SD, c1990.
•	Ghost towns of Montana / Don C Miller. Pruett Pub Co.,1981 
•	Goals in the gulch / Jean Baucus. Bar Wineglass Pub., 1981.
•	Gold, gals, guns, guts / Bob Lee. D Bicentennial Commission, 1984, c1976.
•	Gold in the Black Hills / Watson Parker. U Nebraska Press, c1966.
•	Gold placers of Montana / Charles J Lyden.  MT Bureau of Mines and Geology.  Reprint 6, 1987.
•	Golden gulch, the story of Montana’s fabulous Alder Gulch / Dick Pace. 2nd ed. Virginia City 
Trading Co., 1970.
•	Great Plains in transition / Carl F Kraenzel. U OK Press, 1969, c1955. -- hrd
•	Half interest in a silver dollar, the saga of Charles E. Conrad / James E Murphy.  Mountain 
Press, 1983 – hrd
•	Headwaters heritage history / Three Forks Area Historical Society. Diamond jubilee ed. 1983. 
•	Hear me, my chiefs, Nez Perce history & legend / L.V. Mc Whorter. Caxton Printers, 1983.
•	Historical analysis, contemporary approaches to Clio’s craft / Richard E Beringer. J Wiley, 
•	History museums in the United States, a critical assessment / ed. Warren Leon, R. 
Rosenzweig. U of Illinois Pr, c1989.
•	Hoe & the horse on the plains, a study of cultural development among North American 
Indians / Preston Holder.  U of Nebraska Pr., c1970.
•	If you don’t outdie me, the legacy of Brown Co. / Dillon Bustin. Indiana U Press, 1982.
•	In the trek of the immigrants; essays presented to Carl Wittke / ed. O. Fritiof Ander.  
Augustana College Library, 1964.
•	Indian givers, how Indians of the Americas transformed the world / Jack Weatherford. Fawcett 
Books, c1988.
•	Indians of the plains / Robert h Lowie. Natural History Press, c1954.
•	Indians of the United States / Clark Wissler. Rev. ed. Anchor Books, c1966.
•	Indians of Yellowstone Park / Joel C Janetski. U of Utah Press, 1987.
•	Introduction to museum work / G Ellis Burcaw. Amer. Assoc. for State & Local History, c1975.
•	Interpretation of historic sites / William T Alderson, S P Low. Amer. Assoc. for State & 
Local History, 1977.
•	Interpreter’s handbook / Russell K Grater.  Southwest Parks & Monuments Assoc., c1976.  
Technical series, no.8.
•	It’s an old California custom / Lee Shippey. Vanguard Pr., c1948.
•	Jamestown rediscovery II, search for 1607 James Fort / William M Kelso. Assoc. for the 
Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, 1996.
•	John M Bozeman Montana trailmaker / Merrill G Burlingame. Rev. ed. 1971. Originally article 
in Mississippi Valley Historical review v. 28, no 4, Mar. 1941 pp 541-568.
•	Ken Burn’s The civil war, historians respond / ed. Robert Brent Roplin. Oxford U Press, 1996.
•	Laboratory supplies, scientific apparatus and chemicals for assay and mining laboratories 
no. 104. Denver, Mine & Smelter Supply Co., 1939.
•	Land of the burnt thigh / Edith E Kohl. Minn. Historical Society Press, 1986. 
•	Legend of Lame Johnny Creek / Mildred fielder. Centennial Distributors, Deadwood, SD, 1982.
•	Letters of a woman homesteader / Elinore Pruitt Stewart. Houghton Mifflin, c1913, 1942.
•	Loosening the bonds, mid-Atlantic farm women, 1750-1850 / Joan M Jensen. Yale U Press, c1986.
•	Lost in the Yellowstone, Truman Evert’s thirty-seven days of peril / ed. Lee H Whittlesey.  
U of Utah Press, c1995.
•	Major problems in the history of the American West, documents & essays / ed. Clyde A Milner. 
Heath, c1989.
•	Major problems in the gilded age & the progressive era, documents & essays / ed. Leon Fink.  
Heath, c1993.
•	Making exhibit labels, a step-by-step guide / Beverly Serrell.  Amer. Assoc. for State and 
Local History, c1983.
•	Managing for excellence, the guide to developing high performance in contemporary 
organizations / David Bradford, A R Cohen. J Wiley, c1984.
•	Material culture & the study of American life / ed. Ian M G Quimby. Norton, c1978.
•	Meagher County, an early-day pictorial history 1867-1967 / Centennial Pictorial history 
Committee. Meagher Co. News, 1968.
•	The military history of Fort Missoula / Wallace Long. Friends of Fort Missoula Historical 
Museum, rev. ed, 1991.
•	Military posts of Montana/ Michael J Koury. Old Army Press, 1970
•	Military & trading posts of Montana including sites in North Dakota, Wyoming, Alberta & 
British Columbia / Don Miller & S. Cohen.  Pictorial Histories Pub Co, 1978.  Some loose pages, 
could mend.
•	Mines and mineral deposits (except fuels) Beaverhead County, MT / R>D. Geach. Bureau of 
Mines and Geology. Bulletin 85. 1972.
•	Money Mountain, the story of Cripple Creek gold / Marshall Sprague. U. of Nebraska Press, 

•	Montana, a history of two centuries / Michael P Malone & R. B. Roeder. U. of Washington 
Press, 1980.
•	Montana in miniature, exhibition of historical works … O.C.  Seltzer 1877-1957. C.M. Russell 
Museum, 1991.
•	Montana in the geologic past / Eugene S Perry. MT Bureau of Mines and Geology. Bulletin 26, 
Mar. 1962.
•	Montana-Idaho-Wyoming ghost towns / Lambert Florin.  Superior Pub Co., 1971
•	Montana past and present / Peter J Powell, M. P. Malone. William Andres Clark Memorial 
Library, 1976. 
•	My people the Sioux / Luther Standing Bear, ed. E A Brininstool. U of Nebraska PR., c1975.
•	National Maritime Museum, the collections. London, Scala Books, c1990.
•	National policy for the environment, NEPA & its aftermath /Richard A Linroff. Indiana U Pr, 
c1976. –hrd 
•	Nation of nations, a narrative history of the American republic.  Vol. 1 to 1877 / James 
West Davidson … McGraw-Hill, c1990.
•	The Nez Perce [Nee-me-poo] National Historic Trail, comprehensive plan. US Forest Service, 
•	North Dakota place names / Douglas A Wick. Bismarck, Hedemarken Collectibles, c1988.
•	Ogallala, water for a dry land / John Opie.  U Nebraska Pr., c1993.
•	Old West.  Time-Life Books. Volume titles:  The Pioneers; The Rivermen; The Ranchers; The 
End and the Myth; The Forty-niners; The Townsmen.  (Indicate which volumes you want.)
•	Old west, new west, centennial essays / ed Barbara Howard Meldrum. U Of Idaho Pr, 1993.
•	Opportunity and challenge, the story of BLM / James Muhn. US Dept of the Interior, Bureau of 
Land Management, 1988.
•	Our towns, N. Dakota communities – our stories / Warren A Henke. Bismarck, Sweetgrass 
Communications, c1992.
•	Paper medicine man, John Gregory Bourke & his American West / Joseph C. Porter.  U of 
Oklahoma Pr, 1989.
•	Photo history of Livingston – Bozeman coal country, Cokedale, Timberline, Chestnut, Storrs, 
Hoffman, Maxey lived on coal / Bill & Doris Whithorn. Livingston Enterprise, 198?
•	Pictorial archive of early illustrations & views of American architecture / Edmund V 
Gillon.  Dover Press, c1971. 
•	Plains country towns / John C. Hudson. U of Minn. Pr., c1985.
•	Planning for tourists, contributions of museums / Marilen A. Pool, S G Tissot.  OR State U, 
Dept. of Anthropology,  1992. Anthropology Northwest, no. 7.
•	Prehistoric Indians of the southwest / H M Wormington.  Denver Museum of Natural History, 
1947, 1975. 
•	Pyramid / David Macaulay. Houghton Mifflin, c1975.
•	Red power, the American Indians’ fight for freedom / Alvin M Josephy. McGraw-Hill, 1972.
•	Red River trails oxcart routes between St Paul & the Selkirk settlement, 1820-1870 / Rhoda R 
Gilman … Min. Historical Soc., 1979.
•	Restoring old houses / Nigel Hutchins. Van Nostrand, c1982.
•	Rise of the creative class / Richard Florida. Basic Books, c2002.
•	Road guide for the four-season road from Gardiner to Cooke City through Yellowstone National 
Park / Paul Schullery. Yellowstone Library & Museum Association, no date.  Ex-libris
•	Rough guide to blogging. Rough Guides, c2006.
•	Rubbish!, the archaeology of garbage / William Rathje … HarperCollins, c1992 -- hrd
•	Science in the 18th century, the King George III collection.  London, Science Museum, c1993.
•	Science Museum, London. C1988.

•	Society of Montana Pioneers, constitution, members, and officers with portraits & maps ….  
Vol.1, Register, 1899 … hrd
	Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana:
	v.1 1876 (binding needs repair); v2 1896; 
	v3 1900 (cover stained); v4 1903; v5 1904; v6 1907; 
v7 1910; v8 1917 (very poor -- binding water damaged needs major restoration, & few pages stuck 
together 9-16); 
v9 1923; v10, 1940.  All v. hardbound & heavy paper
•	South Dakota archaeology, journal of the SD Arch. Soc., v. 10, 1986.
•	Speaking ill of the dead, jerks in Montana history / Dave Walter, ed. Twodot, 2000.
•	Steve Mather of the national parks / Robert Shankland. Knopf, 1970.—hrd (edges of dust cover 
•	Story of Garrison Dam, taming the big muddy / compiled by Sheila C Robinson. Garrison, ND, 
printed by BHG, Inc., 1997.
•	Strain of violence, historical studies of American violence & vigilantism / Richard Maxwell 
Brown. Oxford U Pr, 1977.
•	Strike / Jeremy Brecher. South End Press, 1980.
•	Trails toward a new western history / ed. Patricia Nelson Limerick, et al. U Pr of Kansas, 
•	Transcribing & editing oral history / Willa K Baum.  Amer. Assoc. for State & Local History, 
•	Two leggings, the making of a Crow warrior / Peter Nabokov.  U Nebraska Press, c1967.
•	Uranium frenzy, boom & bust on the Colorado Plateau / Raye C Ringholz. U New Mexico Pr., 
•	Varieties of history, from Voltaire to the present / ed. Fritz Stern. Vintage Books, 1973.
•	Vegetative rangeland types in Montana. Mt Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 671, 
Apr. 1973.
•	Water and recreation study of the Blackfoot River system, MT / Carling Malouf. Report no.1, 
Institute for Social Science Research, U of Montana, Missoula, 1969.
•	Western views and eastern visions / Eugene Ostroff, Curator of Photography, National Museum 
of American History, Smithsonian Institution, 1981. Chiefly photos.
•	What [architectural] style is it? / John Poppeliers …Preservation Press, National Trust for 
Historic Preservation,
•	Winifred, a history of Winifred Montana (at head of title: Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & 
Pacific Railroad, the Milwaukee Road) / Jim Arthur. Central MT Pub., 1988.
•	Yellowstone place names / Lee H Whittlesey. Mt Historical Society Press, 1988.
•	Yesterday’s gold camps and mines in the northern Black Hills / Irma H Klock. Custer, SD, 
Custer County Court House, c1975.

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