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*Northwest Central invites you to check out some of the upcoming *
*continuing education webinars and events happening this May!*

*FREE! 05/20/14*
* The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printing for Librarians: Part 1 of 2
Part 1: Past, Present, and Future of the 3D Printed World - Understanding
What They Are and How They Work.  Paul Waak (Library Consultant, Waak
Enterprises) will provide a brief history on 3D printers and then delve
into how they work and are being used around the world today. He will talk
about the costs of various 3D printers, features to look for when buying
one, and will provide a list of supplies to have on hand when using one.
Paul will also provide information on various software to use with 3D
printers and make resource recommendations for keeping current in this
area. He will also discuss future possibilities with 3D printers.

*FREE! 05/21/14 What Public Librarians Need to Know about Common Core State
>From programming to collection development, common core state standards can
impact the work of the public librarian. With implementation in the
schools, where do you fit in? Join Deborah B. Ford in this webcast designed
to debunk the myths, inspire you with programming ideas, and guide you in
the demand for rigorous fiction and nonfiction.

*FREE! 05/22/14 Transforming Library Space for Community Engagement
As libraries expand their focus from collections to creation, physical
spaces are being transformed in ways that enhance community engagement in
the digital age. Rethink how your library’s space might be configured to
better enable your patrons to interact with technology and with each other.
While future-facing libraries are pushing boundaries, the public still
perceives libraries as being primarily about books. Learn how some key
alterations to existing library space can refresh public perceptions. We’ll
look at a variety of projects, ranging from larger room renovations to
smaller libraries who redefined space on a modest scale, yet still had a
strong impact on the community.

*FREE! 05/22/14 Tending the Garden of Innovation
Does everyone have the potential to be innovative? What does it take to
cultivate your own creativity? What tools could you use to stimulate the
growth of new ideas from the group you’re working with? What are three key
tools to ensure that your project is grounded in fertile soil? Learn this
and more in this one-hour session!

*FREE! 05/27/14 Staying on Track with Major Gifts: Accountability Tools and
Do you have trouble keeping in touch with donors, maintaining a reliable
schedule of solicitations, or making the time for cultivation? If so, this
session on staying accountable with your major gifts program is for you!
We’ll discuss the latest tools and techniques on how to stay on track with
raising major gifts. This webinar is partially comprised of information
pulled from Amy Eisenstein’s most recent, bestselling book, Major Gifts
Fundraising for Small Shops. In the book, she argues that you can start
raising major gifts in only 5 hours per week with no additional staff or
resources, but with what you already have!

*FREE! 05/28/14 Health Happens in Libraries: Technology Planning for

As the intersection of digital technology and individual health management
grows, patrons will turn to libraries to access digital resources and learn
how to put technology to work for their health. A recent IMLS study showed
that an estimated 37 percent of library computer users (28 million people)
explore health and wellness issues, including learning about medical
conditions, finding health care providers, and assessing health insurance
options. Join the Health Happens in Libraries team to learn how public
libraries can leverage their technology infrastructure to better serve the
health information needs of patrons. Participants will learn best practices
and resources for eHealth technology planning for libraries of all sizes.
Participants will also be introduced to strategies for communicating with
community partners about their technology resources, and identifying ways
to build eHealth services through collaboration.
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