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Kate Nevins, LYRASIS Executive Director,

to Retire in June 2015

ATLANTA, November 7, 2014 - LYRASIS announced today that Kate Nevins, Executive 
Director, will retire from her position effective June 30, 2015. The LYRASIS Board
of Trustees will meet in November to create a timeline and begin the search for 
a new Executive Director.

LYRASIS, a nonprofit membership organization serving libraries, archives and museums,
was established in April 2009 with a collective history of legacy networks that 
dates back to 1936. Nevins has been the Executive Director of LYRASIS since its 
creation in 2009 and served as the Executive Director of Solinet for 15 years prior.
Nevins was a driving force in the creation of LYRASIS, and her leadership helped
 bring together Solinet, Palinet and NELINET to become LYRASIS. Under her leadership,
LYRASIS became one of the largest nonprofit associations serving libraries and other
cultural heritage organizations in the United States, and now collaborates with 
members in 49 states and internationally.

In recent years, Nevins and the LYRASIS Board of Trustees have steered the organization
into the digital realm and introduced LYRASIS Digital, an initiative designed to
 expand digital capacities in member institutions and make content and collections
more readily accessible and easily managed. LYRASIS Digital Technology Services,
 ArchivesSpace Hosting Services, Repository Hosting Services, the LYRASIS Digitization
Collaborative, and Digital and Preservation Services all grew out of the desire 
to serve members and their needs in a rapidly changing technology environment. Nevins
also guided LYRASIS as it became the organizational home for ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace,
open source software solutions for the library, archives and museums communities.
In addition, under Nevins' leadership, LYRASIS has participated with grant projects
including the Gulf Coast Libraries Project, the Historically Black Colleges and 
Universities (HBCU) Library Alliance Photographic Preservation Project, the HBCU
 Library Alliance Leadership Institute and many more.

"It is hard to leave an organization that has meant so much to me and has had such
an impact in the community. However, with the many changes in the field and environment
and the trajectory that LYRASIS is on with our digital services, this is a good 
time for the Board to consider the needed leadership for continued LYRASIS relevance
and effectiveness in the future. The Board is confident, as am I, that LYRASIS will
find an innovative leader to guide LYRASIS into the future. We anticipate a smooth
transition," says Nevins of her retirement.

Cynthia L. Henderson, Executive Director of the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library
at Howard University and Chair of the LYRASIS Board of Trustees, says, "For two 
decades Kate Nevins has provided invaluable leadership for LYRASIS and our community.
Her consistent focus on innovation and service for our members not only led to the
creation of the organization as a whole, but has also allowed LYRASIS to become 
a trusted partner to libraries, archives and museums during a turbulent period that
demanded evolution of services and technologies for all of us. We will miss her 
leadership. I, along with the LYRASIS Board of Trustees, welcome the opportunity
 to fill the Executive Director role with another forward-thinking leader to help
us continue to serve our members at the highest possible level."

Says Nevins, "I have had one of the best jobs in the library field for the last 
20 years. It has been rewarding and enjoyable to work closely with you and the entire
membership. Thank you for the opportunity."

LYRASIS is currently developing new digital initiatives to reach further into the
archives and museums community and enable libraries to manage collections and content
in new and more effective ways.

Information about the timeline and search process will be shared by the LYRASIS 
Board of Trustees in the coming months. Candidate nominations and queries from interested
individuals can be made to Paquita Wright, LYRASIS Senior Director of Human Resources,
at human.resources at lyrasis.org [mailto:human.resources at lyrasis.org] and 800.999.8558,
extension 4934.


LYRASIS partners with member libraries, archives and museums to create, access and
manage information with an emphasis on digital content, while building and sustaining
collaboration, enhancing operations and technology, and increasing buying power.
 For more information, please visit www.lyrasis.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001MavytC8xQtTtgTH_WlASfENebaGKufH1t-7xYXy1sRilU97iNy2-aNJ8zv98dctMZflm04ZIBEveH2VXkFCbVlul2TFBCVDgVJwH_SWt-1CGZsmJD9eubnqS9UUdekTS3At7vUCA_WfAQXo-AP_UQ39Lct48vEcKmT2-SC06ajE=&c=nVgDzozQq3Ax6OBU3QsATU3KgPQgLUQOY_ROBqi1ugcSZK2pU9RHZg==&ch=ADnmbLcwLjNiRch7SFvqTE__dGsyRVhFNMVmUgNhoK2Px5DXWfEqmg==].

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