[Libs-Or] OLA Quarterly Seeks Submissions for Winter issue

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Mon Nov 17 21:13:58 PST 2014

OLA Quarterly seeking
submissions for Winter 2014-15 issue!


Our theme is:


"Beyond Curation:
Libraries as Creators of Cultural, Digital, and Material Things"


The stereotype of a
library as a storehouse for books is long outdated.  Today's libraries—whether
they're public, academic, school, or otherwise—are used as spaces to create as
well as read, research, and learn. Nevertheless, for most people, the word
“library” still calls up images of books and little else—or, at best, of a
place to browse the Internet.


We want to hear about
the various acts of creation in Oregon’s libraries and beyond, whether they are
acts of cultural creation (archives collections, cultural spaces and
collections, graduates and citizens, etc.), digital creation (online
collections, interactive web-based exhibits, etc.), material creation
(Makerspaces and other initiatives), or otherwise.  


What about other ways
in which libraries have—in general—gone beyond the "traditional"
aspects of librarianship?


Tell us about your
creative innovations!


Visit the OLAQ site
for more on the theme, editor contact info, instructions, and a publication






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