[Libs-Or] Offers from the State Library

Robby Pietz robby.pietz at state.or.us
Fri Nov 21 14:00:27 PST 2014

The following items are being offered from the State Library, if you are interested in any of them please email robby.pietz at state.or.us<mailto:robby.pietz at state.or.us>

Moody's OTC industrial manual.   1970-1990
Moody's Municipal & Government Manual.  1975-2009
Moody's Dividend Record [Annual]    1959-1999
Moody's Rating Books:  Public Utility Investments 1923 only
Moody's Public Utilities  (American & Foreign starts 1928) 1925-1953
Moody's Public Utility Manual (American & Foreign)1954-1969
Moody's Public Utility Manual 1970-1999 (1999 Mergent publisher)
Moody's Analysis of Railroad Investments 1919, 1923
Moody's Railroads American & Foreign    1940, 1944, 1948-1951
Moody's Transportation Railroads Airlines-Shipping 1952-1953
Moody's Transportation Manual - American & Foreign 1954-1999
Moody's Banks & Finance 1931-9132
Moody's Banks-Insurance-Real Estate Investment Trusts  1933-1954
Moody's Bank & Finance Manual 1955-1999 [1977  begins banks, trust companies, S&L associations
Moody's Analysis of Public Utilities and Industrials 1919,
Moody's Rating Books Industrial Investments 1923
Moody's Industrials 1925-1953
Moody's Industrial Manual 1954-1999
Moody's Analysis of Governments and Municipals   1919
Moody's Governments 1925
Moody's Governments and Municipals 1940-1954
Moody's Municipal and Government Manual 1955-1974

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