[Libs-Or] Microfilm Viewer Question

Gresham Historical Society greshamhistorical at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 15:07:07 PDT 2014

Hello from the Gresham Historical Society,

We acquired the Oregonian on microfilm from our local library this past
year, and acquired a microfilm viewer from a different library a few months
later. We have found, however, that our microfilm, when viewed on our
machine, is both upside and mirrored.

We have looked through the manual and don't seem to be missing any parts,
at least as far as we can tell, and the only solution we can think of is
unrolling, flipping, and re-rolling every roll of microfilm. Before we take
on such a tedious task, we thought we would inquire if anyone else has ever
encountered this problem and how they have solved it. Or if anyone knows
what is causing this problem.

Gresham Historical Society
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