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The State Library is offering the following items.  If you are interested in any of the items please email robby.pietz at state.or.us<mailto:robby.pietz at state.or.us>

Using electronic surveys, Author: Conway, Mal.; Thomas, Susan.
Publication: Alexandria, VA : ASTD, 2003, (c)2002

This small booklet provides instruction on learning  to write and formate effective e-survey questions, discusses methods to disseminate surveys, provides ways to .avoid common pitfalls
Don't make me think! : a common sense approach to Web usability /
Author: Krug, Steve. Publication: Berkeley, Calif : New Riders Pub., 2006

Good Press, Bad Press, De-Pressed:   Governings media survival guide for public officials, Walters, Johathan; Governing Books, Washington, DC, 2008

Build it once: Basic primer for the creation of online exhibitions;  Goodwin, Sarah T; Scarecrow Press, UK; 2007

Turning Numbers into Knowledge:  Mastering the art of problem solving (2nd ed.); Koomey, Johathan G, PH.d. Analytics Press, Oakland, CA; 2008

Dynamic relationships:  unleashing the power of appreciative inquiry in daily living; Stavros, J & Torres, Cheri, B., Taos Institute Publications, Chagrin Falls, OH; 2005

Counseling the Culturally Diverse Theory and Practice (4th ed); Sue, Derald Wing & Sue, David; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 2003

Measuring and Analyzing Behavior in Organizations:  Advances in Measurement and Data Analysis, Drasgow, Fritz & Schmitt, Neal; Jossey-Bass, SF, CA; 2002

HR Executive Special Reports:  Overtime Ins and Outs:  How to Comply with FLSA, Athey, Julie; M. Lee [Attorney]; Smith Publishers,; Brentwood, TN; 2004

Democratizing Innovation, Von Hippel, Eric; MIT Press, Cambridge, MA; 2005

Total Workday Control:  Using Microsoft Outlook; Linenberger, Michael; New Academy Pub, San Ramon, CA;2006

Global Public Management:  Cases and Comments; editors:  Callahan, Kathe, Olshfski, D, Schwella, E.; Salge Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA,; 2005

Achieving Excellence {Essential manage3rs}; Heller, Robert; DK Publishing, Inc., 1999

Event Planning, Allen, Judy; John Wiley & Sons, Etobicoke, Ontario; 2000

How to Write it:  A complete guide to everything you'll ever write; Lamb, Sandar E; Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA; 1998

Understanding Financial Statements (6th Ed), Fraser, Lyn M. & Ormiston, Aileen; Preintice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ; 2001

Business at the speed of now; Bernard, John M.; John Wiley & Sons, Inc; Hoboken, NJ; 2012;  A technology-enabled management philosophy to accelerate your organization.  Business at the Speed of Need delivers a new real-time management philosophy and system to leaders looking for better results in today's constantly changing market. Companies that inspire and equip employees and expect them to seize opportunities and solve problems in the now will enjoy a distinct competitive advantage in a world where speed matters most....

Business:  The ultimate resource; Bloomsbury Publishing, 2002.  Includes over 150 original essays and thought pieces, commissioned especially for the volume from among such business authors as Warren Bennis, Charles Handy, and Peter Bernstein; and biographies of such persons as J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Bil Gates, and Martha Stewart

The ultimate question : driving good profits and true growth Author: Reichheld, Frederick F. Publication: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, 2006.  Based on extensive research, 'The Ultimate Question' shows how companies can rigorously measure Net Promoter statistics, help managers improve them, and create communities of passionate advocates that stimulate innovation

The ROI of human capital : measuring the economic value of employee performance ; Author: Fitz-enz, Jac.  Publication: New York : AMACOM, 2000; "The ROI of Human Capital draws on years of quantitative and qualitative international research by the Saratoga Institute to provide a methodology for measuring the bottom-line effect of employee performance. Its author, Institute founder Jac Fitz-enz, virtually invented human performance benchmarking - a concept that demands to be understood as businesses face a long-range shortage of qualified workers at all levels....

Love and profit : the art of caring leadership  Author: Autry, James A.   Publication: New York : Morrow, 2002

The art of strategic planning for information technology.<http://newfirstsearch.oclc.org.proxy.osl.state.or.us/WebZ/FSFETCH?fetchtype=fullrecord:sessionid=fsapp4-36922-i1criwi2-f0zhml:entitypagenum=66:0:recno=8:resultset=22:format=FI:next=html/record.html:bad=error/badfetch.html:entitytoprecno=8:entitycurrecno=8:numrecs=1> Author: Boar, Bernard, H.
Publication: New York : John Wiley and Sons, 2001
Document: English : Book

Strategic thinking : an executive perspective  Author: De Kluyver, Cornelis A.
Publication: Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, 2000

Leading the revolution / Author: Hamel, Gary. Publication: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, 2000.  Leading the Revolution. An action plan for any company or individual intent on becoming and staying an industry revolutionary, this book will ignite the passions of entry-level assistants, neophyte managers, seasoned VPs, CEOs, and anyone else who worries that their company may be caught flat-footed by the future." "Hamel argues that in an increasingly nonlinear world, only nonlinear ideas will create new wealth....

Strategic thinking and the new science : planning in the midst of chaos, complexity, and change  Author: Sanders, T. Irene, 1951- Publication: New York : Free Press, 1998  Irene Sanders pioneered the application of chaos theory and complexity to strategic thinking - the most essential skill in today's fast-paced business environment. Now, in this straightforward, easy-to-read book.

Designing feedback : performance measures for continuous improvement  Author: Thor, Carl G. Publication: Menlo Park, CA : Crisp Publications, 1998

Team up for success : building teams in the workplace / Author: Cadwell, Charles M. Publication: West Des Moines, Iowa : American Media Pub., 1997

Remaking teams : the revolutionary research-based guide that puts theory into practice / Author: Kline, Theresa, 1960- Publication: San Francisco : Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 1999.

Remaking teams : the revolutionary research-based guide that puts theory into practice /
Author: Kline, Theresa, 1960- Publication: San Francisco : Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 1999  Providing practical suggestions, a theoretical framework, and substantive research, which combine to form a comprehensive, systematic approach to better team performance.

Creating the accountable organization : a practical guide to improve performance execution Author: Samuel, Mark, 1954- .  Publication: Katonah, NY : Facts on Demand Press, 2006.  practical guide to bringing accountability into the workplace and into the daily life of managers and staff. This book provides a working guide, through specific examples, of what accountability is; how to instill it within your company; and how to measure and quantify its effectiveness.

Nuts 'n bolts leadership : "how to" strategies and practical tips for leaders at all levels / Author: Harvey, Eric L. 1946-; Sims, Paul.  Publication: Dallas, TX : Walk The Talk, 2003

24/7 : how cell phones and the Internet change the way we live, work, and play / Author: Hanson, Jarice. Publication: Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.  Provides a cultural history of the social impact of the Internet, online services, cell phone use, and the related technologies and devices that, in the span of a single generation, have radically changed the way we live

Step-by-step problem solving : a practical guide to ensure problems get (and stay) solved /
Author: Chang, Richard Y.; Kelly, P. Keith.; Chang, Richard Y.   Publication: Irvine, Calif. : Richard Chang Associates, 1993.  Providing a time tested, six step problem solving model that follows a logical path starting with clear problem identification and lead to an action plan to solve it.

Leading teams : mastering the new role.  Author: Zenger, John H.  Publication: Homewood, Ill. :McGraw Hill, 1994.  This nuts-and-bolts guide shows you how to become a "change agent'' rather than a victim during your organization's transition to teams.  Integrity works : strategies for becoming a trusted, respected and admired leader /

Integrity works : strategies for becoming a trusted, respected and admired leader / Author: Telford, Dana.; Gostick, Adrian Robert. Publication: Layton, Utah : Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2005
Integrity is the foundation of trust and trust is the basis for all successful relationships - learn the benefits and steps to become a trusted and respected leader.

Understanding and changing your management style / Author: Benfari, Robert. Publication: San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 1999.  Our ability to manage effectively is based on a mix of characteristics that can be analyzed, understood and, most importantly, changed. In this book, the author identifies six ingredients of successful management and uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to show readers how they can devise personality-specific strategies for improving their ability to resolve conflict, solve problems, manage stress, positively influence others, and handle difficult situations at work....

The presentation skills workshop : helping people create and deliver great presentations /
Author: Bienvenu, Sherron.  Publication: New York : American Management Association, 2000.

It's okay to be the boss : the step-by-step guide to becoming the manager your employees need.  (2 copies available); Author: Tulgan, Bruce. Publication: New York : Collins, 2007.  Author identifies common management challenges and how to overcome them to create a more productive, positive workforce.

world-class service both in your operations and through your people, whether they work with customers face to face, on the phone, or in e-space...

Exceptional customer service : going beyond your good service to exceed the customer's expectation Author: Ford, Lisa.; Perry, Bill.; McNair, David.Publication: Avon, Mass. : Adams, 2001.  By using practical advice, real life examples, helpful tips and step-by-step instructions, the authors provide the tools for business owners and managers to create exceptional customer service.

The manager's pocket guide to strategic and business planning the systems thinking approach / Author: Haines, Stephen G. Publication: Amherst, Mass. : HRD Press, 1999.  Use the systems thinking approach as a guide to more effective problem solving, decision making and change management inour daily lives.

Grant writing for dummies / Author: Browning, Beverly A., 1948- Publication: Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 2001   Discover the secrets of winning proposals and get the funding you need ..
The complete idiot's guide to project management / Author: Baker, Sunny.; Baker, Kim, Publication: Indianapolis, IN : Alpha Books, 2000.  Explains how to identify problem projects, clearly define goals, budget resources, and put the plan into action.

The time trap / Author: Mackenzie, R. Alec. Publication: New York : AMACOM, 1997. (third ed).  Investigates ways to improve time management - including to time wasters, and developing a personal action plan.

Focus groups : a practical guide for applied research / Author: Krueger, Richard A.; Casey, Mary Anne. Publication: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 2000.  Techniques about focus group interviewing - including planning a focus study, categories and question development, understand participant behaviors, moderating skill development, Analysis of results, reporting and more ...
Public administration : concepts and cases / Author: Stillman, Richard Joseph,Publication: Boston, MA : Houghton Mifflin, 2005  Public Administration: Concepts and Cases offers a unique and highly regarded framework in which conceptual readings are paired with contemporary case studies that reflect real-world examples of administrative work, as well as new thinking and developments in the field.

Effective financial management in public and nonprofit agencies / Author: McKinney, Jerome B.Publication: Westport, CT : Praeger, 2004.  Book Jacket:  This volume is imperative reading for managers of any kind, as well as administrators, scholars, teachers, and students of financial management of public and not-for-profit organizations, including the health care industry, public affairs, political science, and schools of public health and social work

Successful manager's handbook : development suggestions for today's managers / Author: Gebelein, Susan H. Publication: [S.l.] : Personnel Decisions International, 2001.  Focuses on what it takes to be a successful and effective manager in the new millennium.

Managing cultural differences. Global leadership strategies for the 21st century.  Author: Harris, Philip R. 1926-; Moran, Robert T.,; Moran, Sarah V. Publication: Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004.  This book will help an organization learning to see the world from a customer's piont of view in the global community.

Analysis for improving performance : tools for diagnosing organizations & documenting workplace expertise / Author: Swanson, Richard A., 1942- . Publication: San Francisco : Berrett-Koehler, 1994.  Provides tools and a step by step method for doing crucial upfront analysis essential tothe success of any performance improvement effort.
Resolving conflicts at work : eight strategies for everyone on the job / Author: Cloke, Ken, 1941-; Goldsmith, Joan. Publication: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, 2005.  Document: English : Book.  A handy guide for resolving conflicts, miscommunications, and misunderstandings at work - author outlines 8 strategies for turning negative situations in positive ones and enhancing workplace productivity.

Finance & accounting for nonfinancial managers / Author: Finkler, Steven A.Publication: Paramus : Prentice Hall Press, 2002.  Presents a solid  understanding of finacial practices from accounting concepts, recording, and reporting.  Includes cost accounting, budgeting, inventory closing & depreciation  and financial statement analysis.

Robert's rules for dummies / Author: Jennings, C. Alan.; Robert, Sarah Corbin.; Robert, Henry M. Publication: Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2005.   A clear, easy-to-use guide that makes parliamentary procedure simple to understand and apply.
The complete idiot's guide to business etiquette / Author: Mitchell, Mary, 1949-; Corr, John, Publication: Indianapolis, IN : Alpha Books, 2000.  Quick and easy guidance ont he do's and don'ts of today's changing workplace.

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