[Libs-Or] Excellent Entry Level Librarian Positions Available in California

Brian L. Baker brianlbaker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 14:05:06 PDT 2014

I am a Librarian at Pleasant Valley State Prison, in Coalinga, California -
and live in Fresno, CA.

There are currently 8 entry level prison librarian openings, and at least 5
Senior Librarian openings, throughout California. All start just shy of
$50K annually, and have excellent state benefit plans, and union
representation (SEIU 1000).

For those people interested in applying for the positions I mentioned, I
think it is fair to warn you that if you are applying from overseas, the
extra red tape involved in visas and immigration, would make it extremely
difficult, but not impossible, to obtain these positions.

That said, the application process is as follows.

The first stop is to look at the calhr.ca.gov website. Then, search for
jobs with the title Librarian, while leaving the Department field open.
That should return a page with Librarian Correctional Facility and Senior
Librarian Correction Facility. Each has educational and experience
requirements, and an "Exam" that you must take. The Exam is very simple.
Print it out, answer the questions, sign it, and submit it, with a signed
CA Standard Employment Application form (STD 678).

If you are qualified you will be placed on an "Eligibility List," and
receive an "Eligibility Letter" in the mail.

At that point, you may apply for specific positions, by submitting a copy
of your "Eligibility Letter," and another signed and completed STD 678,
directly to the :Delegated Testing" representative at each specific

It is convoluted, and time consuming, but it is the only way to get these
jobs. I'm happy to help and advise as you move through the steps, though.

Good luck,


Brian L. Baker


Pleasant Valley State Prison

(559) 935-4900 ext 6565

Brian.Baker2 at cdcr.ca.gov

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