[Libs-Or] RFID vs the World

Ted Smith t.smith at newportlibrary.org
Wed Sep 10 11:06:58 PDT 2014

In a three library consortium, we are thinking about moving to RFID.  Right now, because of budgets and other concerns, we're considering phasing this in over three years.  From what I understand - should we use the phased in approach - we'll have to perform duplicate check in and check out tasks (RFID and barcodes) until every item in our shared collection is given an RFID tag.

Since security is one main concern at the moment, I'm wondering if the old electro-magnetic strips and sensitizer/desensitizer isn't a better way to go.  I understand that EM is old technology, but as it now stands the three libraries involved in our consortium are not able to purchase all the equipment and tags at one time.

Have any of you actually phased in your move to RFID?  How cumbersome was it?

My final question related to this: Is there a model - not RFID or EM on the horizon that any of you are aware of?
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