[Libs-Or] overhead/bookeye scanners

Laura Buchholz laura.buchholz at reed.edu
Mon Sep 29 08:52:19 PDT 2014

Hi all,

We're thinking about overhead scanners, and would appreciate any
suggestions or feedback if you have experience with them. We're hoping to
use it for both staff (e-reserves) and patron use, and ease of use, low
training, and speed are the primarily criteria.

-Do you have a Bookeye 4 (from Image Access
<http://www.imageaccess.com/bookeye4.shtml>), and if so, what do you think
about it? Has it held up well? Does anyone have the V shaped glass to help
out with books that don't lay open, or have you found that it isn't an
issue? If you are in the Portland area, could a couple of us come have a
little demo and ask more questions?

-Do you have any kind of DIY book scanners (I'm thinking of the kits from
store.diybookscanner.org, but interested if you have made something
yourself). If so, is it available for patron use? How do they do with it?
How much time/energy/knowledge has it taken to maintain the scanner?

-Any other products or companies we should look into?

Thanks in advance!

Laura Buchholz
Digital Assets Specialist
Reed College
laura.buchholz at reed.edu
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