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Letter to Libraries Online

A Monthly Newsletter from the Oregon State Library

Volume 25, Issue 8, August 2015

Library Board News
State Library News
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Vision: All Oregonians have the information essential to be engaged citizens, to strengthen our communities, and to build a prosperous state.

Mission: The State Library provides leadership and resources to continue growing vibrant library services for Oregonians with print disabilities, the Legislature and state government, and all Oregonians through local libraries.

Library Board News

State Library Board to Meet at Downtown Bend Library on August 21st

The Oregon State Library Board will meet on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at the Downtown Bend Library in Bend. The Board will hear a progress report on the implementation of HB 3523 in addition to proposals for the Oregon Center for the Book and the evaluation of the state librarian. The Board will also discuss the Talking Book and Braille Library Endowment Fund account and the StORytime project. An open forum is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. The next board meeting will be held on Friday, October 16th at the Oregon State Library in Salem.

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State Library News

Report from Northwest Digital Collections Summit and Email List Now Available

The Oregon State Library and the Washington State Library hosted a meeting to discuss digitization, digital projects and opportunities for collaboration on March 20, 2015 in Salem. Fifty participants listened to reports from various collaborative projects, including the Digital Public Library of America<http://dp.la/>, Washington Rural Heritage<http://www.washingtonruralheritage.org/>, Oregon Digital<http://oregondigital.org/catalog/> and Historic Oregon Newspapers<http://oregonnews.uoregon.edu/>, University of Washington Digital Collections<https://content.lib.washington.edu/> and King County Collects<http://content.lib.washington.edu/imls/kccollects/>, Northwest Digital Archives/Archives West<http://archiveswest.orbiscascade.org/>, Orbis Cascade Alliance's Content Creation & Dissemination Team<https://www.orbiscascade.org/ccd>, Washington County Heritage Online<http://cdm16047.contentdm.oclc.org/>, and Southern Oregon Digital Archives<http://soda.sou.edu/>. Participants then broke into groups to discuss topics including:

* Outreach & Communication
* Leadership & Collaboration
* Training Opportunities & Needs
* Digitization Priorities
* Funding Sources & Needs
* Providing Content and Services
* Standards & Best Practices

The final report<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/NWDigSummit.aspx>, along with recommendations for next steps, is now available. One of the recommendations from the report was to start an email list to share information among those interested in digital collections in the Northwest. This list, NW Digital Projects<http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/mailman/listinfo/nwdigitalprojects>, is open and un-moderated. Subscribers are encouraged to share information about projects, resources, training opportunities, and best practices.

If you have any comments or questions about the report or email list, please direct them to Arlene Weible<mailto:arlene.weible at state.or.us>, Electronic Services Consultant, 503-378-5020.

Research In Context: Is This New Gale Database on Your Library Database Web Page?

[Research]Gale released a new middle school product for students in grades 6-8, and per earlier announcements, Oregon switched over on July 1st. Research In Context (RIC) brings together content from and replaces the following databases: InfoTrac Junior, Discovering Collection, Junior Reference Collection, and Student Resource Center Junior. (The latter is different from Student Resources In Context, which is not changing). To add a link and the icon to your library's database page, visit the Oregon Statewide Databases Library Support Portal<http://galesupport.com/oregon/>.

Research In Context features a modern interface and tool set consistent with Gale's In Context products. Content is cross-disciplinary, focusing on core curriculum areas of literature, science, and U.S. and world history. The interface is very similar to that of the other In Context products - like Opposing Viewpoints, Students Resources In Context, and U.S. History In Context - with a few intentional but minor differences. Read more about the database on the Research In Context product page, and explore the brief video tutorials<http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/video/research-in-context/> for a quick overview. Sometime this month, you should see RIC sessions on the national webinar calendar<http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/webinars/>. After Gale hosts a few RIC webinars, they will post one on the recorded webinars<http://solutions.cengage.com/gale-training/webinars/recorded/> page. Free promotional posters, bookmarks, and tent cards should be available on the Gale Promo<http://www.melprinting.com/cengage/> site by the fall. The shared login is gale690228 (username) and 690228 (password). Questions? Please contact Arlene Weible<mailto:arlene.weible at state.or.us>, Electronic Services Consultant at the Oregon State Library.

State Library Welcomes Claire Bolyard

[CB]Claire Bolyard is the newest member of Government Information and Library Services. She joined the Government Services Division in June as Web Services and Digital Initiatives Librarian. Claire comes to the Oregon State Library after providing temporary support for a digital collections project with the State of Oregon Law Library. Before moving to Oregon she worked at the Main Library Reference Desk for the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, where in addition to providing reference service she also created and maintained online resources. Claire's first library job was at Saint Louis University where she primarily digitized rare and special collections and managed social media for the Digitization Center. Currently she lives in Portland with her cat Pants and dog Rosie.

Statewide Database Licensing Program Supports Oregon Academic Libraries

In the upcoming fiscal year, the Oregon State Library will again provide financial support to Oregon academic libraries who participate in the Orbis Cascade Alliance group subscription to Ebsco's Academic Search Premier database package. Support will also be provided to libraries subscribing to Proquest Central through the Alliance. Current participants in the Statewide Database Licensing Program that were not already participants in the Alliance subscriptions were contacted about the opportunity to join and two additional libraries were added to the group subscription. With a contribution of $50,000 from OSL, the subscription costs for all of the participating libraries will be lowered by 7.75% per library in the upcoming year. If you have questions about this initiative, please contact Arlene Weible<mailto:arlene.weible at state.or.us>, Electronic Services Consultant.

Gale Business Databases to Merge: Business Collection Coming Soon!

[Business]On August 7, Gale will be re-branding several of their business periodical databases into a new consolidated resource called Business Collection. This means that two of the databases available in the Oregon statewide contract, General BusinessFile and Business Index ASAP, will be replaced with this single new database. Please note that Business Insights: Global will remain its own separate database and will not be merged.

A title list <http://assets.cengage.com/xls/tl_bc.xlsx> for Business Collection is available. The new URL and icon will be available on the Oregon Statewide Databases Library Support Portal<http://galesupport.com/oregon/lookup.php> soon. Also, look for an announcement about upcoming webinars introducing this new database.

Questions? Please contact Arlene Weible<mailto:arlene.weible at state.or.us>, 503-378-5020

Historic Oregon Motor Vehicle Records Digitized

[Reg]There have been cars in Oregon since long before there was a Department of Motor Vehicles. For years, the tasks for keeping track of automobile license plate fell to the Secretary of State's office. From 1911 through 1946 (with some missed years during the Depression and World War II), the Secretary of State published lists of Oregon license plates. The State Library has what we believe is a complete collection of these books.

The information in the books varies somewhat by era, but all include the license plate number and the name and address of the owner of the vehicle. Most also include the make and model of vehicle. They also contain a list of chauffeurs' licenses, along with the name and address of the licensee. An added feature in some is a list of traffic infractions, which lists the name and address of the person committing the infraction, along with how much they had to pay.

[MV]In 2010, the State Library and Ancestry.com started a cooperative project to scan rare or unique items in the OSL collection that have genealogical value. The motor vehicle registration books were among the items scanned. Because of the age, varieties and quality of paper used, and wear, this collection posed some scanning challenges.

>From the Ancestry database, click on the "Search" feature (located in the top banner). When the map of the states appears, click on Oregon to access the list of Oregon Data Collections. Scroll down to the heading "Oregon Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills". The Motor Vehicle records will be first in the list.

Portland's Literary Arts: The Archive Project Compiled into an Audio Book

Since 1984, Portland Arts & Lectures has been bringing the world's most celebrated writers, artists, and thinkers to our community. As part of Literary Arts programming, this lecture series has grown from a humble basement gathering in the Portland Arts Museum to sold-out shows at the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall.

In conjunction with their 30-year milestone anniversary, Oregon Public Broadcasting is partnering with Literary Arts to present The Archive Project: a retrospective of some of the most engaging talks from the world's best writers over the first 30 years of Literary Arts in Portland. Every Wednesday since October 15, 2014 at 9PM OPB has been live broadcasting the most sought-after Portland Arts & Lectures discussions.

With the gracious permission of OPB and Literary Arts, Talking Books has compiled the first 30 lectures of The Archive Project into a three part audio book series. Each part contains 10 lectures, with writers such as Bill Bryson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Joyce Carol Oates, Abraham Verghese, Mitchell S. Jackson, and Ruth Ozeki. As more lectures are broadcast Talking Books will add more books to the series.

Registered Talking Books users can request individual books (DBX 1273, 1274, and 1275) or the whole series by contacting Talking Books at 800-452-0292 or talkingbooks.info at state.or.us<mailto:talkingbooks.info at state.or.us>. You can find more information about The Archive Project and Portland's Literary Arts online at www.literary-arts.org/archives/<http://www.literary-arts.org/archives/>.

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