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Rebecca ROTH rebeccar at multco.us
Mon Feb 2 15:59:15 PST 2015

I just realized I haven't sent anything out since August of last year! I
hope everyone had a lovely New Years.  Here's a look back at what you might
have missed over the last few months...

A list of basic book mending resources.  What favorites of yours did we
leave out?:

Get out your crochet hooks, it's Medieval book repair time:

Are all of you using the best posture while sitting and reading this? These
tips aimed at students, but they work for everyone:

OLA Quarterly focused on support staff this time. I'm going to totally toot
our own horn and say the support staff all wrote some pretty great articles:

So who all is watching The Librarians? What about their portrayal of
library staff reflects your own job duties?

There are some support staff coming up with cool ideas for programming at
their library in Ohio, could any of these work at your library?

Jey reflects on why we call it "weeding":

Until next time!

- Rebecca Roth
OLA SSD blogger
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