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When I explain the situation to patrons (Congress cut IRS appropriations so we won’t have instruction books or schedules, yada yada yada) I usually get some response along the lines of “Baloney! The IRS has the money. They just choose to spend it elsewhere.” My suggestion that they contact their representative is sometimes met with “d*** Democrats!” or “d*** Republicans!” It will always be easier for patrons to gripe to the librarian sitting in front of them than to take the time to call their representative. And the vast majority of the upset patrons are seniors who exhibit signs of having about 0% trust in Congress or the IRS.

If anyone has found a good method of explaining the situation to patrons in a way that comes even remotely close to satisfying them, I’d love to hear it! :)


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I posted the information about the cutbacks to TFOP on LIBS-OR a couple of weeks ago:

They did specifically mention that form instructions were not going to be sent. Giving patrons the option to order directly from the IRS is one option, but in general, support for paper delivery of tax publications is very minimal right now, due to appropriations cuts to the IRS.

I would suggest directing frustrated patrons to give their member of Congress, since they control the purse strings!

Also, send your stories to the ALA Washington Office, since they are another avenue for advocacy with Congress. Contact info:

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It's time for my traditional, annual, tax form gripe/inquiry.

As of 2/2/2015, we have received #340 1040EZ forms, #500 1040A forms, and PUB 17

Supposedly, TFOP has #500 1040 forms in transit.

This isn't even a close approximation of the initial order.

Our patrons are not exactly overjoyed.

Has anyone received booklets or will there be no booklets?

Any suggestions on soothing the masses?

Dan Cawley
Seaside Public Library


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