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I recently attended at the SDAO Conference and learned that 

·         while public consumption is prohibited, possession and delivery
(sharing for noncommercial purposes)  of fairly large quantities are


A number of scenarios of concern occurred to me regarding lawful delivery
for “noncommercial purposes.”  Below is a draft Q&A I’ve started to craft
for staff guidance. I will need to run it by legal counsel when ready.


 <http://ref.sdao.com/conference/2015/oday.pdf> Administering Oregon's
Marijuana Law | Sean O'Day and Rob Bovett  

Powerpoint slides (pdf) http://ref.sdao.com/conference/2015/oday.pdf 

See page 14.

Effective July 1, 2015, a person 21 or older can:

·         Deliver to another person 21 or older, for noncommercial purposes,
up to:

o   1 ounce of homegrown marijuana;

o   1 pound of solid homegrown marijuana products; and

o   4 ½ pounds of liquid homemade marijuana products.




Can people use the library as a space to trade/exchange their homegrown

Probably not. It seems reasonable to interpret any kind of exchange of goods
as “commercial” activity, so that would be out.  


Since non-commercial sharing is legal, can someone set a up a little
giveaway station at a library table?

Probably not. Section 56 would appear to prohibit such open displays in
common areas. 


Meas. 91, Section 56.
<http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Measure91.pdf>  Homegrown
marijuana in public view prohibited. (1) No person may

produce, process, keep, or store homegrown marijuana or homemade marijuana

if the homegrown marijuana or homemade marijuana products can be readily
seen by

normal unaided vision from a public place.


Can someone use a tutor room for sharing (which would not be readily seen)
and just post their availability hours or a contact number for appointments
on the bulletin board?

I haven’t yet found anything to prohibit it, so that scenario may need to be
addressed by a policy.


Additional seminar handouts




Perry Stokes | Library Director 

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Here are the relevant parts of our Code of Conduct.

*	"Do not smoke or use tobacco products."
*	"Do not consume alcohol, unless permitted as part of library
programming, or be intoxicated."
*	"In addition to the above, any violation of local, state, or federal
statutes will be regarded as a violation of District rules."

We interpret "smoke" as smoking anything: cigarettes, joints, e-cigarettes,
banana peels, whatever. We also forbid smoking and tobacco products anywhere
on District property, including on the grounds. "Intoxicated" includes being
under the influence of the wide range of legal and illegal drugs.

It seems like the law already forbids smoking or consuming marijuana in
public anyway. I agree with Kirsten that simple possession of products
someone legally can have isn't really an issue. If it doesn't result in
behavioral issues, it doesn't seem like it's worth worrying about.


Library Director
Hood River County Library District
502 State Street
Hood River, Oregon 97031

On 02/18/2015 03:20 PM, Colin Rea wrote:


Apologies if this has been discussed and I missed it.  I may have been busy
reading ‘The Martian.’


Most of us have in our policies and codes of conduct something about not
using ‘alcohol and other illegal substances.’  As we all know, on July 1
marijuana no longer fits that second category.  Yes, the law as written
prohibits lighting up in public, but we need to consider


-A 21 year old hanging out in/near the teen area with a joint tucked behind
each ear.  Anybody comfortable with that?

-Anyone vaping 10 feet from your exits/entrances could be consuming massive
amounts of THC.

-That plate of brownies on the desk of your lead cataloger
  or the bong a
volunteer brought in to show a friend.


My plan is to go through my policy manual and add ‘and other intoxicants’
anywhere we talk about alcohol, and to flat out ban marijuana (and other THC
products) and any tool used to consume it from the library grounds.


What’s your plan/language?





Colin M. Rea

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