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These program materials are quite good (thank you, Diedre!)  and if one notices nothing else, one notices that so much is in flux. OLCC recreational (& medical?) marijuana meetings (Listening Sessions) are reported on pretty well on their website and on Oregon news sites.

But I'd sum it up this way: Prepare for a Rumsfeldian July 1, with some known knowns and many unknown unknowns. Our elected officials and department administrators do know what Measure 91 says should or could happen, but it’s a tough call and I’m glad I’m not in their shoes.

I don't think the (OAR) regulations have been published yet, and maybe can’t be until all the OLCC "Listening Sessions" are over - and maybe not even until the Legislature finishes up with HB 2074 & 2134, and possibly other related bills. Legislative actions would affect what and how OLCC regulations would be drafted.

So ... bottom line, we need to check with library’s legal counsel before changing written behavior policies and enforcement practices.


P.S. to original poster:  I adored “The Martian”! Nearly missed many a bus and MAX stop while reading.

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At the 2015 Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) conference one of the breakout sessions was "Administering Oregon's Marijuana Law."  I was unable to attend this session and I haven't read through the handouts yet but you might want to read them.
Handouts: http://ref.sdao.com/conference/2015/oday.pdf and http://ref.sdao.com/conference/2015/addtlhandouts.pdf.

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