[Libs-Or] Interested in supporting an OLA New Member Roundtable?

Stephanie Miller smille34 at g.emporia.edu
Wed Feb 25 17:16:56 PST 2015

A few MLS students and library professionals are proposing a new round
table to OLA and need emails of support from just 5 more librarians, grad
students, or other LIS professionals to meet our goal of 25 signatures. If
you like the ideas outlined below, please let us know.

We are looking for people to get involved and who are willing to meet up in
the Portland, OR area or virtually.

Our objective is to help those who have been association members for fewer
than ten years become actively involved and integrated within the Oregon
Library Association in particular, and to advance the overall professional
development of 21st century librarians,* library staff, and other
information professionals. *
 Our *specific aims* are as follows:
(1) to structure opportunities for involvement and/or training for
professional association committee experiences;
(2) to provide programs to assist and encourage those new to the
association and*/or *the profession;
(3) to offer a variety of leadership opportunities, and;
(4) to develop and implement ongoing programs for library school students
which *and emerging librarians e*ncourage professional involvement and

We would love to hear from you! Please email nmrt.ola at gmail.com with your
message of support or interest.

Thank you!
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