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Roberta Richards rrichard at pcc.edu
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The drama in Congress continues now that Section 215 and other parts of the
USA Patriot Act have expired, and frantic efforts are underway to strike a
balance between the legitimate work of the NSA and the long-overdue
protection of personal privacy.  Here is the latest from Senator Ron
Wyden's office about reform of the surveillance system:

*Wyden and Paul Release Joint Amendments, Call For Votes On Proposals to
Expand Surveillance* *Reforms *

*Washington, D.C.* – Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.,
announced nine amendments to reform U.S. surveillance programs, enhance
protections for American’s personal information and improve transparency
regarding intelligence activities. Wyden and Paul called on Republican
leaders to allow votes on amendments to strengthen privacy protections,
rather than forcing votes on amendments that would water down the USA
Freedom Act.

The joint amendments would:

·        *Amendment 1446: *Require the government to get a warrant before
collecting personal information from third parties

·        *Amendment 1441: *Raise the standard for government collection of
call records under FISA from “reasonable grounds” to “probable cause”

·         *Amendment 1442: *Limit the government’s ability to use
information gathered under intelligence authorities in unrelated criminal

·         *Amendment 1443: *Make it easier to challenge the use of
illegally obtained surveillance information in criminal proceedings

·         *Amendment 1454: *Prohibit the government from requiring hardware
and software companies to deliberately weaken encryption and other security

·         *Amendment 1444: *Clarify the bill’s definition of “specific
selection terms”

·         *Amendment 1445: *Require court approval for National Security

·         *Amendment 1455: *Prohibit the government from conducting
warrantless reviews of Americans’ email and other communications under
section 702 of the Foreign intelligence Surveillance Act
·         *Amendment 1460: *Strengthen the bill with additional provisions
from previously introduced surveillance reform legislation.

The American Library Association is calling for library staff to contact
their legislators in support of surveillance reform:

*ALA District Dispatch*: ALA draws line in sand on USA FREEDOM amendments

Asks Librarians to Call Senators Now


*Center for Democracy and Technology*:   Oppose Amendments to Weaken and
Delay USA Freedom Act

Best wishes to all from the (very hopeful!) members of the OLA Intellectual
Freedom Committee.

Roberta Richards
Faculty Reference Librarian
rrichard at pcc.edu
Southeast Library Research Desk: 971-722-6289
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