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Casle Portner casle at ccrls.org
Thu Jun 11 11:24:11 PDT 2015

I was agonizing about this year's theme, because I felt it promoted
screen-time and commercialism, and wishing that Heydi were still here,
because I wanted her to take the lead with this theme, she would have
rocked it.  But I didn't have Heydi, and I needed to make the program work
within my convictions.  We had already chosen a few local heroes, then I
had an idea:  Why not ask the local schools to each choose a hero from
among their staffs?

The schools loved the idea, they got bookmarks and posters with their
school heroes, the kids are totally stoked that one of their buttons (we
give away buttons instead of toys) will have someone from their school on
it.  We have 2 custodians, a music teacher, a PE teacher and a

So what I thought might be the most lame program ever is turning into one
of our most popular programs ever.  My hope is that more kids will
participate because of this connection to their school.  We plan a huge
Super-Hero Training Day at the end of August and have invited all of the
local and school heroes to join us!

I'm trying to think of how to make this connection with the schools happen
again next year if it works out as well as I hope it does.  Here's a link
to our Stayton Library Foundation's Facebook page, you can see the posters

Casle Portner
Stayton Public Library
Children's Services
casle at ccrls.org

"I like the pages to turn.  I like the bookness of the book."  Brian
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