[Libs-Or] OLA Mentoring Program is for YOU! Join us to strengthen Oregon libraries!

Meredith Farkas meredith.farkas at pcc.edu
Tue Mar 10 09:07:25 PDT 2015

Good news! The OLA Mentoring Program has received approval from the OLA
Board to open up the program to all early-career OLA members working in
libraries and related organizations. You don’t need to have an MLS or be
working in a professional position to benefit from this valuable program. If
you are an early career library staff-person with less than five years of
professional experience, please consider applying to be paired up with a
As this is a member benefit, membership in OLA is required.

We’ve also extended the opportunity to be a mentor to ALL OLA members with
five or more years of experience working in libraries or related
organizations. We welcome the experience and wisdom of all experienced
staff working in libraries. Mentoring is one of the most rewarding
activities you can undertake in your professional life. Through mentoring,
you capitalize on your hard-earned experience and knowledge to support the
development and success of an early-career librarian. If you feel you might
have something to give, please consider applying to become a mentor

The OLA Mentoring Program is designed to help early career OLA members
working in libraries and related organizations grow professionally by being
paired with seasoned library staff willing to share their professional
experience and guidance. Mentors and mentees will be partnered based on
similar interests, professional experience, and/or goals. The mentoring
relationship will develop over the course of a year (or nine months) and
contact can take place in-person or over phone, email, or web conferencing.

Mentoring does not have to be time-consuming (the OLA program recommends at
least five communications over the course of a year) or require travel (you
can communicate via phone, email, or web conferencing in addition to
in-person), but the small amount of time you give to another librarian can
mean the world to his or her success and the success of his or her library.

Additional links:

•   Information about the mentoring program and its requirements

•   Mentee application

•   Mentor application

•   Guidelines and best practices for the mentoring relationship

Have questions? Contact us at mentor at olaweb.org

Meredith Farkas, Portland Community College Library

Lisa Molinelli, Portland State University Office of Academic Innovation

Emily-Jane Dawson, Multnomah County Library

Chris King, Hillsboro Public Library

For the OLA Membership Committee
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