[Libs-Or] 2-4-6-8 How do you collaborate? Go ARTS!

Pam North pamnorth1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 10:14:36 PDT 2015

Did I get your attention? I hope so!

The OLA Conference program "Open the Doors to Art: Successful
Collaborations between Libraries and Arts Organizations" wants more
examples of library-arts collaborations to showcase at the conference next
month. Have you collaborated with a local artist, arts organization,
school, musician, poet, author, performance group, heritage organization or
"whatever" to connect your community to art in a meaningful way? If the
answer is "yes" or even "I think this might qualify," we want to know!

It only takes a second... send us a link to a website, a copy of a press
release or best of all, a photo! If you can, please include the name of the
event, who the arts partner was and any other information about the process
or outcome. We would SO appreciate it...

Thanks much!
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