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Thompson, Sara Q sara.thompson at osucascades.edu
Mon Mar 30 08:38:45 PDT 2015

​Like all good things, this year's conference is bigger on the inside!  *Mark
your calendar for 4:30 pm, Wednesday April 15th when a 25-year-old OLA time
capsule will be opened up at the OLA Board Meeting* -- what kind of magical
late-'80s wonders will we find inside? Only time will tell (sorry, couldn't
help it).

We'll also be creating a brand new time capsule that will be sealed up
later this year, hidden like an easter egg in the State Library, and opened
25 years from now at the OLA 100th Anniversary. Don't think about how old
you'll be by then -- think about how close you'll be to retirement /

All this thinking about the past and future will make for excellent
inspiration in our *Creative Space. You, too, can help make this space
vibrant by bringing any of the following: *

*stickers; construction paper; glue sticks; magazines, old gift cards, etc.
to cut up; similar craft items to be consumed; markers; scissors; modeling
clay—we’ll do our best to get back to you (if marked), but cannot guarantee
its return. Library people can get kinda wild. *
*Bring your creative crafty supplies to the Exhibit Hall. And many, many
thanks from all of us! *

We're also very proud to include a *Conference Code of Conduct* this year,
underscoring OLA 2015 as a safe, inclusive space:

The OLA Conference is just about two weeks away and the online registration
will be closing soon. We are looking forward to seeing you in Eugene for

Sara Thompson
OLA Communications
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