[Libs-Or] Work Groups at Oregon Information Literacy Summit

Tracy Scharn scharnt at wou.edu
Fri May 1 09:02:18 PDT 2015

One of the mainstays of the Oregon Information Literacy Summit is the 
afternoon work groups, where participants divide into groups around a 
particular topic/issue, discuss different aspects of it, brainstorm 
approaches to tackling the topic, and report back to the larger 
conference on their discussions.

We've received a few questions about what the topics of the afternoon 
work groups will be this year. We're leaving that up to you, the 
attendees! We'll have large sheets of paper for people to put down their 
ideas throughout the morning. During lunch, attendees will vote on their 
favorite topics and the top 3-4 will become our work groups. We are open 
to any and all ideas, not just those that may be presented in the sessions.

Haven't registered yet? There's still time!


See you there!


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