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I want to second the paperback exchange suggestion! We have an “honor system” paperback exchange that is very popular, both in the library and on our bookmobile. While it’s not the same as a library card, some people prefer not having to worry about due dates, late fees, and replacement costs. We use donated books and a volunteer comes in once a week to restock the exchange shelves for us.

We also have a “courtesy card” with Internet access and a limit of 8 items for people who are currently homeless/in transitional housing and looking for permanent housing in our area. The card lasts for two months, requires photo ID but no proof of address, and can be extended by the library director or circulation manager if necessary.

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Hi, Kristen.  I will throw some other approaches into the mix here.  Since tourists contribute to the economy and since homeless people (many of whom are children) need the library more than just about anybody, we take a different approach to figuring out how we can help people use the library.

We do let tourists use the hotel address where they are staying as their local address.  Homeless folks often use the address of a shelter where they are able to get mail.  Knowing where the shelters or other homeless services are in your community helps facilitate this.  We mail a welcome postcard as a means of address verification.

It can also help to have a stash of paperbacks (donations work well) or some kind of limited use card (maybe just a couple of items checked out at a time) that you can offer to a person who can't verify an address.  You won't have lost much if the material doesn't come back.  Even a library with not many resources can make the donated paperback option work.

Another trend that we are seeing is libraries that actually put an e-book kiosk in an airport or other location in the community and allow people who are just passing through to have a temporary card for limited use.  We haven't done that yet but are looking at it and weighing the opportunities.  A resort town might be able to emulate that somehow to be more welcoming to tourists.

Just a few alternative thoughts to consider,


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Possibly a very specific question: If your library has residency requirements for a card, how do you handle residents of RV parks? Not mobile home parks, mind, but the type of place where people can park their RV either short- or long-term? We've been handling them in essentially the same way as we would a motel, which is to say that we generally don't consider people who live in such accommodations to be residents, with some exceptions for those who've been able to demonstrate a long-term rental or similar. I'm curious if this is something anyone else has encountered?

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