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Edith Fuller efuller at teleport.com
Mon May 18 17:11:30 PDT 2015

You’ve all been very generous with words for the small book project.  And I think I’ve got sufficient now to use for a set (perhaps even 3 sets) of alphabet books using the four letter words. 

Except that I’m still in need of four letter book words that start with A, J, K, Q, U, X, and Y.  I’ve come up with these possibilities, but am not quite happy with most of them:  
A – Acta, Arts, Avid; 
J – Joke; 
K – Know, Kern; 
Q – Quiz; 
U – User, Unit; 
X – MMXV (yes it doesn’t start with X, but it dates the book for me); 
Y – Year, Yarn.

And I got curious about repetitions of words in the list and kept track in a spread sheet.  I’ve attached the original spread sheet and also the spread sheet translated into a word document for your interest.  The column of M words is the most diverse – no repetitions of any of the words as reported by you all.  As for multiple reportings, in order of frequency:  Leaf  - 8 times; Copy - 6 times;  Text and Love – 5 times each; Opus, Plot, Tale – 4 times each.

Thanks for your help.  

Cheers.  Edith.

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Subject: A small book project

I’m starting to work on another small book project that relates to, of course, books and libraries.  I’m looking for four letter words....of the kind that resonate with ‘book’.  So far I’ve got book, tome, page, read, & word.  If you can come up with others, please email me!

Thanks again to those of you who kindly sent me book/library related quotations from your signatures a couple of years ago for an earlier book-related small book project.

Cheers.  Edith Fuller, MLS and teacher-librarian, retired
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