[Libs-Or] Bookends, CD shelving unit from Hillsboro Main Library

Linda Gaudreau Linda.Gaudreau at hillsboro-oregon.gov
Tue Nov 3 15:37:02 PST 2015

Hillsboro Public Library has the following items available as surplus.  Contact Linda Gaudreau at Linda.Gaudreau at hillsboro-oregon.gov<mailto:Linda.Gaudreau at hillsboro-oregon.gov> to arrange for viewing or pickup.

Bookends: black, two sizes, have half-height rounded flanges on side

*         167 -- 6 inch

*         192 -- 9 inch

Wooden CD shelving unit: Oak colored; basically one full piece with 2 sections underneath top level with 2 pull out drawers on each side.

*         Length: 69.5" Depth: 22 "; Height: 37.5"

*         Top level has 6 rows (horizontally) by 10 columns which forms 60 slots; each slot is 6 "wide x 3.25 " deep

*         Pull out drawers have 6 rows by 6 columns for 36 slots; each slot is 6 "wide and 3" deep

Linda Gaudreau| Library Assistant
City of Hillsboro, Oregon | Hillsboro Public Library
Phone 503.615.2474 |linda.gaudreau at hillsboro-oregon.gov<mailto:Linda.Gaudreau at hillsboro-oregon.gov>

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