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Important info about an important bill that affects us all.


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After months of intense behind the scenes work in Congress, it looks like
things are finally coming to a head with the reauthorization of the
Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA). As you may have read in past
school libraries fared extremely well in S.1177, the Every Child Achieves
Act, but not so well in H.R.5, the House’s Student Success Act. As discussed
on September 1st
<http://www.districtdispatch.org/2015/09/momentum-we-have-it/>, the House
and Senate had work to do to meld their two, quite different bills.

This week the House and Senate appointed conferees to do just that. The
resulting “Conference Committee” began meeting yesterday to hammer out the
final version of a unified bill (called a “Conference Report”) that both
chambers of Congress must then consider in an up or down vote, no
amendments permitted. We are expecting that final Conference Report to be
officially “filed” on November 30th and for the House to vote on it just
two days later, on December 2nd, with a Senate vote to follow close behind.

As soon as [the Washington Office] get a look at the language in the
Conference Report, we will be sending out an alert asking you to contact
your Representative in the House, so please stay tuned.

This is a momentous time for libraries (especially school libraries) and
education policy and – whether we are supporting or opposing the ESEA
Conference Report – we will need you to contact your Congressperson right

*Watch for more on http://www.districtdispatch.org/
<http://www.districtdispatch.org/>, where this post originated.*

*ALSO: See How to Contact Congress at http://cqrcengage.com/ala/home
<http://cqrcengage.com/ala/home> on the ALA website.*


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