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Please spread the word about this leadership opportunity at the 2016 ALA
Midwinter Meeting. Deadline is November 15.

Below is an invitation to a leadership development opportunity sponsored by
the ALA Training, Orientation and Leadership Development (TOLD) committee.  *It
is specifically designed for officers, board members and committee chair in
ALA divisions, round tables and chapters*.  This program is and will be
held during the ALA 2016 Midwinter Meeting in Boston, MA.

*“We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This...” Making Meetings Work*

*A special workshop for volunteer and staff leaders of ALA Divisions,
Chapters, and Round Tables.*


Are your meetings lengthy and slow moving?  Is too much time taken up by
assertive members, to the exclusion of others?  Do things become unraveled
at the first sign of disagreement?  Do members get bogged down in arguments
about Robert’s Rules of Order?

If you responded with Yes to any of these questions, make sure to attend
this special workshop for division, round table, and chapter leaders.  In
it, Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian, will discuss the core principles of
debate and decision making, tools to make meetings well focused,
well-paced, and equally inclusive, and tips on how to address tough
situations and controversies during meetings.  Eli will also demystify key
issues with rules of order, and help you use them sensibly and

Each participant will receive a copy of Eli Mina’s book “*101 Boardroom
Problems and How to Solve Them”* and “*Mina’s Guide to Minute Taking”.*

*Date & time**:* Friday January 8, 2016, 1 - 2:30 p.m.  *Location:* TBD

*The Instructor*:

Eli Mina is a Vancouver based consultant who specializes in meeting
procedures, effective group decision making, and dealing with disputes and
controversies. Eli’s clients come from local government, school boards,
regulatory boards, native communities, law firms, credit unions, and the
non-profit sector.   Eli has served as ALA’s Parliamentarian since the end
of 2002.  He is the author of five published books and many articles on his
areas of expertise.

*We expect high levels of interest, so please confirm your attendance
before November 15, 2015 by filling out the following form: *
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WN37BXS .

For questions, send an email to Lorelle Swader at lswader at ala.org

Gary W. White


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