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Ross Fuqua RossF at wccls.org
Fri Oct 30 14:43:18 PDT 2015

Hi Sami,

We are in the process of transitioning our member libraries from an email newsletter platform called BookLetters <http://booksite.com/> over to LibraryAware <http://www.libraryaware.com/> which is a more robust product from EBSCO. Both are library-specific: they interface with our catalog records for including book recommendations, and LibraryAware also pulls annotations and other content from EBSCO's NoveList. Both have sign-up tools, although as far as I can tell we can only link to sign-up pages hosted by LibraryAware rather than having a sign-up widget that we can embed on a webpage.

A number of our smaller libraries have also used MailChimp <http://mailchimp.com/> in the past for general email marketing campaigns and newsletters, and (although there's obviously no integration with the library catalog) they report being very pleased with it. It is also free if your subscriber list is under 2,000.


Ross Fuqua
Public Engagement Librarian
Washington County Cooperative Library Services
rossf at wccls.org

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Greetings -

We send out a monthly email of events to those who want it.  We have the nice problem of many many people wanting it and it is becoming a bit unruly.  Does anyone have a recommendation of an email manager they use and like.  Ideally it would allow us to have a subscribe feature straight off of our website along with other fancy tricks.  And of course for a small price tag. :) Thanks

Samantha Pierson
Coos Bay Public Library
525 Anderson
Coos Bay, OR 97420

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