[Libs-Or] Packaging Curriculum Kits

rwestmark at cclsd.org rwestmark at cclsd.org
Tue Apr 12 09:27:49 PDT 2016

We are getting ready to do an overhaul of our preschool curriculum kits. 
Currently, we have them in large canvas bags. This makes them easy to 
carry, but is atrocious from a marketing standpoint, and makes them 
difficult to shelve/store. We have looked into large plastic totes 
w/handles, but are unsure if the pros (visibility of contents, easier to 
store) outweigh the cons (cumbersome for patrons to tote, more likely to 
get damaged). Any container would need to be big enough for several 
picture books, some DVS and a toy, puppet, etc.

We have Play and Learn Boxes (early literacy kits) in smaller plastic 
totes w/handles, and these have been very well received, but bigger and 

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you!

Bekah Westmark
Youth Services Librarian
Coos Bay Public Library
541-269-1101 x230

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