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The following seems like a great opportunity for any library that is actively providing STEM programming or considering it. Please follow-up directly with Angela Brade (angela.brade at hclibrary.org<mailto:angela.brade at hclibrary.org> ) from the Howard County Library System (Maryland) for more information.

Howard County Library System (HCLS)in Maryland is seeking help with testing a new train-the-trainer STEM app by August 8th.  This is part of an IMLS grant project.

We are hoping to get library staff around the country interested in testing STEM Train the Trainer tools to give us feedback so we know how to develop.  We need library staff to:

-  Read the introduction which gives them a context

- Go through the modules to learn about both topics

- Complete each of the short survey at the end of each topic

Here is the link... http://hclibrary.org/hitech/stemflash


In an effort to identify new ways to share STEM curriculum, to train library staff, and to replicate STEM educational models, HCLS is launching a pilot under the HiTech initiative. The working title of the Pilot is STEM Flash. The STEM Flash pilot will be used to test the concept of flash instructional STEM training for library staff at a venue that is outside of the HCLS HiTech classroom.  The pilot will allow library personnel an opportunity to use the online tool, examine all of the components, process how they might utilize the information for their targeted age group, and provide valuable feedback regarding modifications to improve the tool.

The STEM Flash pilot will be tested with the help of library staff from other library systems, external to HCLS, who are currently instructing or may instruct students or adults in the future. This test will take place over a 2-week period where participants are asked to use the app to independently train and evaluate the usability of the app and information contained in the app.  The app will close two weeks from the launch date.

All participants are asked to complete the surveys so the team can make recommendations for improvements.  As people participate and go through the modules included in this pilot, we hope they will consider:

·         Would I be able to teach a class on the specified topic after working through this tutorial?

·         What aspects of the tutorial did I like the most? And, what did I like the least?

·         What do I think might be inhibitors to teaching a STEM class based on the materials and content provided?

·         Are the examples given in the tutorial easy to understand?

·         What other assistance would I need to make me feel comfortable teaching?

·         What other information can I recommend or share that might help improve the tutorial?

The training link can be opened from a mobile phone, computer or tablet.   The mobile training site is http://hclibrary.org/hitech/stemflash


HiTech, Howard County Library System's STEM digital media lab for teens, delivers cutting-edge science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education via hands-on video, music, game app, and e-book projects. The initiative teaches students ages 11-18 the critical skill sets needed for 21st century careers. Leveraging the best technology, teaching tools, and experts to deliver a top-quality STEM education experience, HiTech incorporates an innovative methodology that blends instruction with experiential learning and peer-to-peer communications.

Envisioned as a launching point for the STEM career pipeline, HiTech focuses on producing the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers needed in the community and nationwide. The initiative capitalizes on Howard County's advantage as home to a number of major STEM-oriented employers and higher education institutions.

HiTech is an award winning STEM Educational initiative started at HCLS in 2012. Since its inception, HiTech has been focused on innovative and immersive educational curriculum design and development. The results of the HiTech Model are evident in the teenage (11-17 year olds) registration which surpassed 11,500 registrants in just four years; as well as, the numerous articles and news press coverage about the curriculum.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Angela Brade, Howard County Library System

angela.brade at hclibrary.org<mailto:angela.brade at hclibrary.org>

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