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I mentioned this email in an informal meeting our Research Unit was having.  The "Better Ask Saul" program came up, but one of our geologists mentioned that, when he had worked at DOGAMI, he was contacted by a woman who claimed to be so sensitive to electro-magnetic disturbances that she could very successfully predict earthquakes - in addition to having issues with electronics. She was so adamant about her abilities that Matthew apparently told her that he would be happy to document her predictions, and see how they matched up with actual events.  She did not take him up on that - which, if she truly had the ability, was rather a shame, because he would definitely have followed through with tracking it.

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I'm having a hard time writing this e-mail because this patron's request is so off the wall, but in the spirit of investigating, at least  ....   Has anyone heard of people having "electronic" disabilities.  We have a patron who will not walk through our RFID gates because she says the "electronic" waves are dangerous.  Her most recent request is to segregate at least one internet terminal, so that she does not have to sit next to people who possess cell phones.  They give her a headache.  I have yet to tell her that our entire building is wi-fi enabled and that there is  public utility transformer that hangs just outside our building, or that there are millions of little electric gremlins going through our bodies every day courtesy of the sun.

To be honest, she's giving me a headache.  I've searched and searched, but have found no reference to a credible "electronic" disability.  Any ideas.

Ted Smith, Director
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