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Hello.  In 2015, The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) partnered with our donors to invest in a statewide needs assessment<http://www.oregoncf.org/news-resources/reports/current/library-needs-assessment-2015> of Oregon public libraries.  Library leaders across the state participated in focus groups, personal interviews and responded to a survey to identify the greatest needs of Oregon public libraries.  We are grateful for the library community's involvement in this research effort, which has garnered national attention as the first-ever needs assessment conducted of Oregon's public libraries.

In the last Community Grant Program<http://www.oregoncf.org/grants-scholarships/grants/community-grants> cycle, we received more funding requests from Oregon libraries than ever before.  While the application process is competitive, we encourage you to apply for funding should you have a project that aligns with the Community Grant Program guidelines<http://www.oregoncf.org/Templates/media/files/grants/community_grants/Community%20Grant%20guidelines(1).pdf>.  The next application deadline is July 15th.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with you and are grateful for the important role you play in strengthening Oregon communities.



Kirsten Kilchenstein
Senior Donor Relations Officer

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