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Below update from Keri Cascio.

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The House Appropriations Bill with language to restrict the Library of
Congress from making changes to the “Illegal aliens” and “Aliens” subject
headings will be debated in the House on Friday morning. There were
multiple late amendments suggested concerning the LCSH issue.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz had put forth an amendment to provide for the
restatement of the Library of Congress' existing policy regarding certain
Subject Headings. Joaquin Castro also suggested an amendment, and posted
his testimony on his Facebook page if you want to see it:
https://www.facebook.com/JoaquinCastroTX/. There was an amendment on the
other side explicitly to prevent the replacement of the LCSH terms put
forth by John Fleming and Paul Gosar. You can find full text of all the
amendments online at https://rules.house.gov/bill/114/hr-5325 (items 12,
25, 26, and 31).

However, the ALA Washington Office told us this morning that the House
Rules Committee met last night and voted NOT to permit any amendments
concerning the Library's subject headings to the Appropriations Bill.

ALCTS will continue to work with the ALA Washington Office and watch how
the issue progresses in the fall. This House bill may remain relevant, or
Congress could instead pass a special Resolution simply continuing to fund
the government at present levels. If we don’t end up in a continuing
funding situation, then we'll need to lobby Senators to make sure that LCSH
language isn't inserted into their bill on the Senate floor and to insist
that the LCSH language be stripped from any unified (or "conferenced")
version of the Legislative Branch appropriations bill before sending it to
the President.

Emily Sheketoff from the ALA Washington Office will be visiting the ALCTS
Board around 4pm on Monday, and she’ll be updating us on this issue.
Conference attendees are welcome to attend any ALCTS Board meeting, they
will be held:

Friday, 1p - 5p


Monday, 1p - 5:30p



Keri Cascio

Executive Director, ALCTS

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