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The latest issue of the OLA Quarterly is now available!  This is the second
notice for those who haven't had time to look at this issue, and an effort
to get more readers for the authors who worked hard to share their
experience and knowledge with us. There are individual links to the
articles below.

The theme for this issue is "OLA Today: Oregon Librarians Respond to
Changing Times," and the Guest Editor is Lynne Stahl of Multnomah County
Library. From Lynne's introduction: "This issue’s contributors and topics
span academic and public institutions, rural and metropolitan libraries,
political activism and personal narrative, and programming as well as
abstraction." As you all know, it has been a year of changes and
challenges. Seven Oregon librarians have worked hard to make sense of it all
and processed their ideas to share with you. It is a remarkable issue, and
we hope you enjoy reading it.

OLA Today: Oregon Librarians Respond to Changing Times

Full issue: http://commons.pacificu.edu/olaq/vol23/iss1/1/

>From the Guest Editor

By Lynne Stahl, Bilingual Access Services Assistant, Multnomah County


Political Action and Your Library Association

By Elsa Loftis, OLA President, Director of Library Services, Oregon College
of Art and Craft.


Enhancing Civic Knowledge/Inspiring Political Engagement: The Role of
Public Libraries in Civic Participation

By Donna Cohen, MEd, MLIS, Portland, Oregon.


Fake News and Information Literacy: Creating Resources to Develop Source
Evaluation Skills at the University of Oregon Libraries

By Carolina Hernandez, Journalism and Communication Librarian, University
of Oregon Libraries.



Guns and America and the Library and Us: What We Learned From the Worst
Library Program … Ever!

By Barratt Miller, Oregon City Public Library, and Jane Scheppke, Crook
County Library.


The Right Tool for the Job? Ignorance, Evolution, Reflection, and the

By Lynne Stahl, Bilingual Access Services Assistant, Multnomah County


It’s a Long Drive and Learning Experience

By Victoria Cross, Chair of Multnomah County Employee Resource Group for
Immigrants and Refugees, Central Human Resources.



(Usability tip: If you download the articles into an offline PDF reader,
the resolution is higher, and the hyperlinks and the table of contents in
the full issue are clickable.)

Thank you,

Charles Wood

OLA Communications Chair
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