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 This Week's Tech-Talk:  Website

1. VIDEO ... FontSquirrel for Fresh Fonts
2. ARTICLE ... FontSquirrel for Fresh Fonts
3. COMMUNICATING ... Are you "shutting out" others?

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001BHbCFsjgyIxfM6vepqFT53PqikfgSo4SmslLrFxqVJEgu9EFb-LjO7j9KE376c426FkwfMrQhs2A0jFNVbzVcUahu8NOlWleQXNV927nRNEpse0VvE3B5N3Y0uxWBmkF-RAw09j1OcmYx_c1FnO-cMRSPLz2jiMWF3HewNWCV6DuXHcGYVoCOYZZoqvH-YxtnjcgVJwIZ2Q=&c=E-L61u2vi8szgwMlQFPo8Njk7B7G93pYXQ42V5v1fMsIHpchWsTynQ==&ch=8B8mSkf_cjW2HlYPkSrvG9zemIPRq7UMrvWm2z8Uup9oAIctYU1zUQ==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: WEBSITE – FontSquirrel.com for Fresh Fonts

Have you ever wished that you could find more creative fonts than you typically see in the Microsoft Office Suite?  Maybe you've even looked for something new online, found a cool font ... and then discovered it cost A LOT!

If you want a fresh new look for a poster, flyer or certificate ... to communicate a certain feeling, convey a distinct impression (elegant, funky, sleek) ... then using a creative font can change the mood instantly!


Flourishing, retro or artsy fonts communicate differently in your documents. And the best part is... you don't need a professional graphics designer to get a high-end look.

But where do you find decorative fonts that won’t break your budget? We found www.Fontsquirrel.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001BHbCFsjgyIxfM6vepqFT53PqikfgSo4SmslLrFxqVJEgu9EFb-LjO7j9KE376c42hkdw7PVG5zBLa2b_CvchNPcBvr2K2R1OTohuvTJ9C-AnxBbzwr_ZAfI74KpL1A5fqJlb-ocEetKKjRvgSAByNw==&c=E-L61u2vi8szgwMlQFPo8Njk7B7G93pYXQ42V5v1fMsIHpchWsTynQ==&ch=8B8mSkf_cjW2HlYPkSrvG9zemIPRq7UMrvWm2z8Uup9oAIctYU1zUQ==>. Not only can you download fonts to personally use at no cost, but they are also free for commercial use.

FontSquirrel is really a repository (or listing of) free fonts - they bring them all together under one roof. Some you can download right from their website.  For others, you'll be re-directed to related font websites.

  Some ideas for when to use fun and interesting fonts:
·     Report titles and subtitles
·     Flyers, brochures, posters.
·     Gift or graduation certificates
·     Promotional materials of all types
·     Invitations to an opening or program launch

Here are three examples of font you'll find.
1.  Try a Riffic for a children’s event flyer.
2.  How about Alex Brush for a formal invitation.
3.  Fonts like 3Dumb give a more cartoon-ish and handwritten-looking.

There are hundreds to choose from in FontSquirrel.com!


How Do You Download and Install a Font to Use?

When you find a font that you want to use, you need to first download and save it to your computer -- in a special FONT folder.  NOTE:  Typically, this happens automatically when you install it (with the more recent operating systems).  You'll see details below for both the auto and the manual install below.

Once saved there, programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint will automatically pull from that specific file, displaying them as choices, along with all the others you have.

So the first step is to click the download link that the site provides.

·     Depending on which version of Windows you have, you will be prompted to Open or Save the file to a destination folder. Save the file.

·     Go to the place where it is saved (most likely your Downloads folder) and double-click to open the zip folder.

[install font]

If you have Operating System Windows 8, 7 or Vista:

·     Select the font files. NOTE: They will have file extensions: .ttf, .otf, or .font.
·     Then double-click and choose Install.

If you are not prompted to install the font, or have an earlier version of Windows:

·     Go to the folder where you saved it and Un-zip the downloaded font folder.
·     Locate the font files that are either .ttf, .otf or .font (disregard the other files included in the zipped folder).
·     Move the font file into the Fonts folder. This is usually located at Computer: C drive\Windows folder\Fonts folder.
·     You can drag and drop the file to this folder or right-click the font file name and select Copy, then Paste it to the Fonts folder.

[install font]

After the font is installed and saved in the Fonts folder, it is now ready to use. When you open a new Word, PowerPoint or other software that uses fonts, type some text and highlight it. Then change the font as you normally do by going to the drop-down menu to select your newly installed font from the list.

Important NEXT Step in Using Special Fonts

Here's an important concept to understand!

When you add a unique font to your computer, there's a high likelihood that others will not have it ... and therefore, will not be able to see it ... if you give someone else the original document "as is".

Here's why!

When you add a new font to your computer, your documents will use it (pull it) from the Fonts folder on your PC. The font doesn't "go into" the document itself.  It stays in your folder.

That means that when you share what you've created with others, they need to have that specific font in their font folder as well ... for it to appear. Otherwise, when they open the document a message will appear letting them know that font substitutions will be made.  They won't be able to view the new font you wanted to use. Another, more common one, will replace it.

They WILL see the font in these situations:

·     Giving a presentation.  You're using your computer, projecting a slide show, a spreadsheet, a report onto the screen.  People see exactly what is on your PC.

·     Saving to a PDF. Whenever you convert a document to a PDF, everything you see stays exactly as is.  (Essentially, you've changed it to a "picture".)

More Fonts

Another great site for "wild" fonts is www.DaFont.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001BHbCFsjgyIxfM6vepqFT53PqikfgSo4SmslLrFxqVJEgu9EFb-LjO7j9KE376c42xLtRhbY2OWE3V82aIB1k4c5nmIZITzaESjomTBbm9swGoRpgXP_B5yr8PecB2BGENxD2UMWPWjI=&c=E-L61u2vi8szgwMlQFPo8Njk7B7G93pYXQ42V5v1fMsIHpchWsTynQ==&ch=8B8mSkf_cjW2HlYPkSrvG9zemIPRq7UMrvWm2z8Uup9oAIctYU1zUQ==>.  You'll find more information on this is the Tech-Talk library.


Communications - Meetings
Bringing In vs. Shutting Out

When you are in a meeting and ideas are flying, which of these options more aptly describe your actions.

Do you shut out or bring in?

Shutting Out limits the participation of others.  There are many ways you can do this, often not even realizing it.
·     Interrupting someone.
·     Intentionally not asking for a person's opinion.
·     Making a negative comment on what someone has said.
·     Ignoring an individual's comment ... moving on without commenting.
·     Saying "That won't work"  without any explanation.
Bringing In helps others join in the conversation.  Here are a few ideas.
·     Ask someone who hasn't spoken yet, for their opinion.
·     Be sure to look at folks so they know they are encouraged to join in.
·     Ask, "What do you think, Alice?"
·     Say, "We've done a lot of discussing, I'd like to hear from Shane."


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