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Below you will find the info on the virtual support meeting for any of you
who may still  be dealing with the Teen Vogue challenge.

*Cindy Gibbon*
*Director of Policy and Special Projects*
My schedule: Monday through Friday
Multnomah County Library

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Click With Caution -
[image: Click With Caution]

Wednesday, August 16 at 10am central time was the most popular choice. I
will be recording the meeting if anyone wants to view it later.

There were a few other people included in the doodle poll and I don’t have
their email addresses so please forward this meeting invitation or send me
their email address and I’ll add them to the invitation.

Please use the following URL to access the virtual meeting:

*RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT *(The meeting will be offered via the Adobe Connect

   - USB headset with microphone (It is not recommended to use an onboard
   mic and speaker. This causes feedback issues.)
   - Wired Internet Connection
   - Browser with downloaded add-in (if required) (Internet Explorer works
   best with Adobe Connect.)
   - In order to ensure that your computer is ready to participate in the
   webinar, we recommend that you perform a “tech check


   - There are instructions attached to this email to help you familiarize
   yourself with Adobe Connect.
   - The meeting room will open 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.
   - Be sure your headset is plugged in and recognized by your computer.
   - Reduce background noise.


   - Use the dropdown menu on the microphone icon at the top of your screen
   to verify your microphone is selected.
   - Use the same dropdown and select “Connect my Audio.”
   - To verify your headset is receiving and transmitting sounds, go to the
   “Meeting” menu and select “Audio Setup Wizard.”


Background: description of Activist Mommy <http://www.activistmom.com/>,
and NCOSE <http://endsexualexploitation.org/> postings (Jamie)

Complaints: what are you hearing from your patrons? (librarians)

How is this challenge like others? What is your policy? How is different?
How do you respond?

Sample Letter (Jamie)

Talking Points (Jamie)

   - This is a mainstream magazine. This one article is not the whole
   magazine, or the whole history of the magazine.
   - You may not think that's the right audience, an opinion you can hold
   for your child, but it was intended for that audience
   - We don't endorse - or weigh in on - every article in a mainstream
   magazine. There are differing ideas of sex education. Clearly an article
   written because of actual behavior.
   - We actively collect other materials expressing other views. Examples.

Other responses

   - Additional books about teen sexuality
   - Offer possibility of programs
   - Outreach to community: principles, health professionals, churches?
   - Additional responses or talking points
   - Other recommendations from libraries?

Concerns, thoughts, questions?
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