[Libs-Or] "Political Action and Your Library Association", by Elsa Loftis, OLAQ Author Showcase

Charles Wood wuchakewu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 13:28:22 PDT 2017

Elsa Loftis is the current president of the Oregon Library Association. She
has written an in-depth article about how the OLA leadership have been
responding to calls for action from members, who are concerned about how
this past year's political events will impact Oregon libraries and
communities. From Elsa's article: "The people in leadership positions in
the association, such as the president, vice president, and other executive
board members are elected to serve you, the OLA members. We all work hard
to speak up and stand up for Oregon libraries. That’s definitely a team
effort. This work is ongoing, and we have guiding principles to direct us
when issues appear murky."

To learn more about Elsa's and the OLA's efforts, please download and read,
"Political Action and Your Library Association." See:


Thank you,

Charles Wood

OLA Communications Chair
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