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 This Week's Tech-Talk:  Windows

1. VIDEO ... Tun OFF Background Apps for Speed
2. ARTICLE ... Turn OFF Background Apps for Speed
3. COMMUNICATING ... Add "because" whenever you can.

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0012pN-ajOIAsk6Hb-dFV5VLiHkAaY-uLJOZtQFok1qnygh85r1vnHnwBb3ntHMTQUK3_nQj4C2hIxXMpQYGYOiJGpFMOI2rFfKdhEC1rcB9VLtOurB_SlM0r8pXLTipUi2g2o2NhF1HiCV6SPnhDxXqVhn6QEUj1CRf4Odw-OSmdGN88O-mmVhe0DTVwjwiNfPYX5aLRl65pGp4cqERrKX8CMOF3JuWftA&c=E8Nv3F4UN8R5ldaLEey7yEVFGPIf_9eJj4tjkzf8rXS26Fz6wkapNA==&ch=4KUGufCCPr_KSdLwUh7OVLc0Rppe-5dYz62HI-ogF0xhjL5vvI86YQ==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

WINDOWS 10 (8 & 7): Turn Off Background Apps for Speed

Do you feel your computer is acting a bit sluggish sometimes? Or maybe you haven't noticed it, but who wouldn't always like a faster response?  There are things you can do.

Windows 10 & 8

If you are running Windows 10 or 8 there are adjustments you can make to get rid of annoying programs that run in the background.  These apps (software) slow you down, reduce your Internet bandwidth and suck the battery power if you are not plugged in.

When Microsoft launched Windows 8 ... and its re-designed version, Windows 10 ... they introduced the look of mobile-style Apps. (You know, those little tiles on your Start menu that give you quick access to programs and tools on your computer.)

Even though you may never use the apps (or even know they exist), they run in the background, using valuable resources.

To control what is running, it's as simple as turning them OFF ... or disabling them.

Before You Turn Off Apps


There are a few things you need to know and consider before making changes.
·     Turning off the background also turns off notifications.  Because of this you may want to leave "News" or "Weather" apps on. Yes, you pick and choose which you want to change.
·     You won't be un-installing the program itself ... you're just temporarily disabling it. This action stops the app from running all of the time. It can be turned back whenever you wish.

Some apps have to run in the background to deliver their service. For example, if you disable a timer or alarm program, the bells will not go off. So choose carefully.

Turn Background Apps Off (or On) in Windows 10 or 8


To view the apps that run in the background of Windows 10 or 8... and turn them off:

·     Go to the Start menu (Windows icon in the lower left of your screen), click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left to open the menu and select Settings.

Or, type Settings in the search box.

·     Click the Privacy icon in the Windows Settings window.


·     Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and select Background apps.

·     You will see a list of the apps installed on your computer. To turn them off from running in the background, toggle the On to Off.

[background apps]

IMPORTANT -- You won't find traditional Windows desktop programs like Word or PowerPoint in this list. The apps running here are the "mobile-like" tiles that control programs like Tips, Weather, Xbox, Store, CandyCrush. You may find some that you didn't even know were installed on your computer -- and never intend to use.

Disable More Software in "Startup"  (All Windows Versions)

In addition to turning off the newer "mobile-like" apps, you may want to take a look at the software programs that begin running as soon as you boot-up your computer. They appear to be running in the background as well.

When you use web tools and install software, you may not realize that they are programmed to run in the background when your PC is started to make it easier for you to access them. This also means they may be slowing your computer's performance.

CAUTION: There are necessary programs that run automatically when your computer is booted up. These are essential ... and turning them off could cause issues. So, when disabling startup programs be careful. Check with your IT department if necessary.

In Windows 10 and 8

To view the programs that run in the background so that you can disable them if you like:
·     In any empty area on your Taskbar, right click and select Task Manager.

[task manager]

·     Go to the Startup tab.

·     Highlight any obvious program that you don't want to automatically run upon startup, right-click and choose Disable.

[task manager]

TIP:  You can sort on Status, then Startup impact to quickly see all the enabled programs of high impact.  Those are the ones to which you want to pay particular attention.

[Windows 7]

In Windows 7

1.  Go to Start (or the Windows button) and choose Programs (or All Programs).
2.  Click on the folder named Startup to see the list of programs.
3.  To remove one from the start-up process, right-click on the item you want to eliminate and click delete. Remember, this does not uninstall the software, just its auto-start feature. You can always put it back.


Communicating: Talking / Writin

Add "because" to many statements

There is one word you can say (or write) that significantly enhances communication effectiveness.

When you add this word to statements it means people agree more readily.

It helps them understand what you're asking or saying.  It gains more buy-in and support.  It prevents unnecessary bad feelings.  It's a very powerful word!

The word you want to add is "because".

1. A study was done in 1977 where an individual (standing in a line) was told to walk to the head and say, "Excuse me, may I cut in line?"  60% of the time he (or she) was let in.

2. The next test had the person give a reason for wanting to cut the line. "Excuse me, may I cut in? I have an appointment."  More agreed; the percentage went up.

3. The third test had the individual add the word "because" ... before the reason.  "Excuse me, may I cut in because I have an appointment."  The acceptance rate soared to 94%!

4. The fourth, fifth and sixth tests, had the reasons be unimportant or even vague. The result?  As long as the word "because" was inserted before the reason, people let the person cut the line at least 93% of the time!

Using Because With Phone, Text, Email

You don't have to want to "cut in line" to use this magical word!  Anytime you want people to buy-in to what you're saying, add the word because.

See if you can see the subtle, yet powerful differences in these examples because of the additional respect you are providing.  Everyone appreciates hearing a reason.  The word "because" prompts you to give one.
·     I want to use bait instead of bug spray.
·     I want to use bait instead of bug spray because I am highly allergic.
·     Let's postpone the meeting.
·     Let's postpone the meeting because I am busy at that time.

Even when the reason is vague or obvious, it still works ... as long as you have the word because.
·     The training sessions need to be shorter.
·     The training sessions need to be shorter because they're too long.
·     How soon can we do the survey?
·     How soon can we do the survey because there is info we need?

When you use the word "because" you immediately communicate respect for the other person.  They appreciate it.  Your ideas are more readily accepted.


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