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Betsy Tighe btighe at pps.net
Mon Dec 4 08:43:39 PST 2017

Hi Dan,

I use D & D Recycling.  They pick up.  I imagine they are only in Pdx.

(503) 847-8642.

I guess one could also always set aside and eventually either take to a recycling ink shop (we have a number in town) or drop at Metro with hazardous waste.

All best wishes,

Betsy Fogelman Tighe
Educational Media Specialist
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Today's Topics:

   1. Reminder--Online Northwest 2018 Call for Proposals
      (Online Northwest)
   2. used toner disposal (dan cawley)


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Subject: [Libs-Or] Reminder--Online Northwest 2018 Call for Proposals
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Online Northwest 2018 Call for Proposals

Deadline:  December 15th, 2017 at 5pm

Conference date & location:  March 30, 2018 at Portland State University,
Portland OR

Online Northwest is a one-day conference focusing on topics that intersect
libraries, technology and culture.  The 2018 conference will be held at
Portland State University on Friday, March 30, 2018.

The conference explores how technology is applied within library settings
and its impact on access and services for patrons. Academic, public,
school, and special librarians are strongly encouraged to submit proposals.

Online Northwest also seeks proposals for 45-minute panels, workshops, and
presentations on all topics relating to technology and libraries.  The
program committee is particularly interested in 45 minute proposals and 5
minute lightning talks that support the conference?s 2018 theme: Innovative
Open Source Management, Technology, Advocacy, and Practices.

The committee is also interested in proposals that address the following
themes in relation to technology and libraries:


   User Experience/Understanding Users


   Community Engagement/Impact

   Content Curation/Creation

   Privacy and Security

Other topics related to technology in libraries are welcome!

Post-conference, presenters will have the option of submitting a paper, or
other materials, based on their presentation to the conference proceedings.

Proposals will be accepted until 5pm on December 15, 2017.  Follow this
link and create an account to submit: http://pdxscholar.library.pdx.

For more information about Online Northwest, please see our website:
http://onlinenorthwest.org/ . Information about conference registration
will be posted shortly.
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From: dan cawley <librarybusiness at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [Libs-Or] used toner disposal
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Good morning:
Our former toner cartridge recycling outfit has become more trouble that it is worth.

We really really do not want to put our used cartridges into the trash can.? Those chemicals will end up in the landfill and, ultimately, the river.
Is anyone aware of a good PNW outfit who recycles cartridges?? How do other libraries dispose of those little toxic bombs?

Any and all recommendations are appreciated.
As always, thanks in advance.
dan cawleyseaside public library1131 broadwayseaside, oregon? 97138503.738.6742
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