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This Week's Tech-Talk:  EMAIL
1. VIDEO ... Save Email Note as a Document
2. ARTICLE ... Save Email Note as Document
3. COMMUNICATING ... Spouting problems

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LVBhO1u1UVVELC2fuEEapB-su8AgnA82r4TvAKEc07EZnA2PFQKOsS_fORweq9YvSrp-bmfgYCUmsyiiGDwfN3Tox0aQMS-6oeghYl6QBraLsv8Jzwdk42pjWTBLR_5-kCB_jrZSzZpW7TZxJC4wlxITfQSANcEBhb8iETCYKPb0HdKFMv25fa1BxIKI4hbi22ORb4RqZpKApXy37Zh_7qCOCV7sPSre&c=UxOlnkVVYlikn4G2ols5EtvG2_FkOu1-f9k18nE3-jCqfXfBy62b-w==&ch=iLYfCCqqcEOiJbgbl-1wmN1eXxclUIoiogifDUpcXrSNinnQNP9cDw==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

EMAIL - Save Email Note as a Document

Have you ever needed to take an email note that you've received and get it out of your Inbox and save it with your regular files? It may contain important content you want to keep with other documents on the same topic - like a project, an event or team-related information.

We're not talking about the attachments that come with the note, but the email message itself. You don't want to have to search in multiple places to find all the relevant data (both document files and Inbox folders).

So, if you save the email note directly onto your hard drive, all of the information is together.

Another Reason To Save Email Notes

Another reason you may want to save these email items as documents is to get them out of your inbox!

If you use desktop programs like Outlook, an Inbox that contains hundreds or even thousands of messages (some with large attachments) can slow your computer down. Plus, searching through it may take a long time to find what you need. And web-based tools like Gmail have space limitations.

Think of your Inbox as a temporary holding place, not to store files indefinitely. To be efficient, when you receive an email, make a quick decision about what to do with it:

  1.  Delete it - if it is irrelevant.
  2.  Act on it -- and delete if it at all possible.
  3.  File it -- for future reference, then delete the email.

Where To Put The Email Note

Depending on what Email platform you use, there are different ways to accomplish the act of saving an email as a document.
Desktop Outlook

  *   Highlight (select) the message you want to save while in the inbox preview window (don't open it).

  *   Choose File, Save As (or press the F12 button on your keyboard).

  *   Browse to find the location or folder in which you want to save the email note.

  *   Choose the "Save As Type" (Outlook Template will keep it's original look; other types you may have an HTML choice.) NOTE: Text Only choice will save your message as a plain text document without any graphics.
[save as document]

  *   When you want to view the email again, double-click the file to open it and it will open in Outlook and look like the original message. You can view, reply and forward just as any normal email in your Inbox.

CAUTION: Don't forget to save any attachments you want in a separate action. They will not be attached to your saved messages.


If you use Gmail and want to save an email out of your Inbox and to your files, you won't see a "Save" button. Instead, you're going to use the Print option to Save the email as a PDF in your hard drive.

  *   Open an email message. In the upper right corner click the tiny print icon button.

  *   [Print to PDF] Instead of sending it to your regular printer, under Destination, click the Change button and select Save as PDF.

  *   Click the blue Save button.

  *   You'll be promoted to select a file location in your hard drive to save the file.

  *   It will be saved as a PDF for reference later (unlike in Outlook where when you click on the saved file, it opens as an email).

If you use Google Drive, there's an option to Save to Google Drive.

Other web-based email programs like Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook.com have this Print to PDF option also.

[communication]Communicating:  Talking
Resist the urge to just complain
Oh, it is so easy to point out things that are wrong.  We have a keen eye for identifying situations we want to change.

That's not all bad.  Value can come from what we do with these observations.  And the first step is to propose a solution.  Instead of just talking about what is wrong, couple your communication with an idea for how to fix it.

Here's a phrase that was heard on a TV show recently.  It is Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck. He recalled a noteworthy police commissioner who was famous this communication ...

 "Don't bitch about a problem without pitching a solution."

While the language isn't the most eloquent, the play on words helps to drive the point home and make it last in your memory.  That's what we want, isn't it?  Communicating complaints with a suggested answer is a handy habit to develop.


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