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I just had a small sampling on youth volunteers in Oregon libraries, but it was informative.

1         Most libraries have volunteers 14 and older.   Some allow 12-13 year olds to volunteer, but limit it to the children's room and also a shorter period of time (like an hr or so).  Some require a parent to be present for the 12-13 year olds.

2         Parents need to sign for all volunteers under 14.   The city/county determines if they are background checked.  For many it's when they are 16 or older that a background check is required.

3         A few libraries have volunteers under 12, but the reality is the parent is the official volunteer and the kids come with mom or dad.   The parent is background checked, but the kids are also listed as volunteers and get name tags.  But again, the parent is the "real" volunteer.

A couple people mentioned that youth volunteers are always interviewed and they require them to actually answer the questions, not the parent.  They want to make sure the child really wants to volunteer, that it's not the parent.

It was useful to just see how some others are managing the youngest volunteers.  It will be part of our decision making.   Thanks for sending your input.

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We're just working on bringing our volunteer program into alignment with our city's volunteer program and of course we have different kind of volunteers than most of the other city departments, especially when it comes to youth.   If you could answer a couple of questions, I would certainly appreciate it.

1.       Do you have volunteers under the age of 14 at your library?

2.       Do their parents have to sign for them?

3.       What is the youngest age for volunteers?

4.       If a youth aged 8-12 wanted to volunteer, do they have to be accompanied by an adult?

5.       What is the population of your community?

Thanks for your help and I will share the results.


Leah M. Griffith,  Director
Newberg Public Library
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