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Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Wed Jun 14 08:02:09 PDT 2017

Greetings! (And pardon the duplicate posting)

If you’re interested in learning more about E-rate, there are some free webinars coming up over the summer.

[Universal Service Administrative Co. | Join Us for Training! | Schools and Libraries (E-rate) Program Training]

Summer Webinar Schedule

Join USAC for our live training webinars <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=52284929&msgid=204015&act=YZGT&c=1535322&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fusac.org%2Fsl%2Fabout%2Foutreach%2Ftraining%2Fwebinars.aspx%3Futm_source%3DiContact%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3DSchools%20and%20Libraries%20%28E-rate%29%20Program%26utm_content%3DSL%2B-%2BTraining%2BInvitation-06052017%2B-%2BNEW> for E-rate Program participants. We will share program updates and essential guidance to help participants learn about and successfully navigate the program. During each webinar, the audience will have the opportunity to take part in a live question and answer session with members of the Schools and Libraries (E-rate) Program team.

Tuesday, June 20

3:00 PM ET

Online Webinar

​[Register Now Button]<http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=52284929&msgid=204015&act=YZGT&c=1535322&destination=https%3A%2F%2Fgoto.webcasts.com%2Fstarthere.jsp%3Fei%3D1149731%26tp_key%3Dc3334975e5>

How to File FCC Form 486

This webinar will provide a walkthrough of the FCC Form 486. We will discuss the purpose of the form, review Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements, and provide guidance on how to prepare and file the form.

Tuesday, July 18

3:00 PM ET

Online Webinar

[Register Now Button]<http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=52284929&msgid=204015&act=YZGT&c=1535322&destination=https%3A%2F%2Fgoto.webcasts.com%2Fstarthere.jsp%3Fei%3D1149734%26tp_key%3D840cbda8e5>

How to File FCC Form 470

This webinar will provide a walkthrough of the Funding Year 2018 FCC Form 470. We will discuss the purpose of the form, review competitive bidding requirements, and provide guidance on how to prepare and file the form.​

Tuesday, August 15

3:00 PM ET

Online Webinar

[Register Now Button]<http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=52284929&msgid=204015&act=YZGT&c=1535322&destination=https%3A%2F%2Fgoto.webcasts.com%2Fstarthere.jsp%3Fei%3D1149735%26tp_key%3D4c320c6977>

E-rate Training for Beginners

This webinar is tailored for new E-rate participants or anyone who needs a refresher on basic program information. ​

How to Register and Attend

To register, click on the "Register Now" button above, complete the registration form, and click "Submit." You can add a reminder to your calendar by clicking the “Add to Calendar” button on that page. ​You will then receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the webinar.

If you can’t attend the live presentations, register for the webinars and we’ll send you a link to the recording afterwards. The recordings will also be posted in the Online Learning Library<http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=52284929&msgid=204015&act=YZGT&c=1535322&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fusac.org%2Fsl%2Fabout%2Foutreach%2Fonline-learning.aspx%3Futm_source%3DiContact%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3DSchools%20and%20Libraries%20%28E-rate%29%20Program%26utm_content%3DSL%2B-%2BTraining%2BInvitation-06052017%2B-%2BNEW%23webinars>.

Equipment and Set-Up

To participate in this webinar, you'll need the following:

  *   Minimum system requirements<http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=52284929&msgid=204015&act=YZGT&c=1535322&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fsupport.citrixonline.com%2Fen_US%2Fwebinar%2Fall_files%2FG2W010003%3Ftitle%3DSystem%2BRequirements> (Click the "FAQs and System Test" button on the event's registration page to determine whether your computer meets the requirements to see and hear the webinar.)
  *   A computer or mobile device with an internet connection
  *   Computer speakers or headset

Need Help? Contact Us!

For questions about these webinars or the E-rate Program, please contact USAC Outreach<mailto:outreach at usac.org>.


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