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This Week's Tech-Talk:  GRAPHICS
1. VIDEO ... Create Image With Transparent Background
2. ARTICLE ... Create Image With Transparent Background
3. COMMUNICATING ... Complimenting Gives You Energy?

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001EPnKJzMopui6YC5Eii_-tUp-zsxC7LwIE8CZsIfEAboUkxfbkFA8R4QmRDlx0XH-X0ZjDvf1KtQCL_Kf8mlkNh5Jfp6Yq0ZEhhMUbPXPRsU_srpfxAWw-ZNcfFIo3plDjTw_8xcS4aFPajb8xFsEBUGW8PIIx6pVOZj-HvSN3NipGVT4QIn1X90NZZWndaCslmhHqcMxqgbzJZueutVje4XcWUJWzmRuiAEQLqaIGHQ=&c=cLuJMSt_ANSEXW-_Kwx4Deqb8UVxUin1xTeDhRBGvFXDeI4m3ePKZw==&ch=gL2eK2jTYSyXBlbApca0s4KP5nxjdecidLPdB4ZgR0qLCUx81znInA==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: GRAPHICS - Image With Transparent Background

Have you ever created a great image (like the yellow circle and triangles below) only to find that when you were done, you had this white box around it?

Maybe you need an action button, with rounded corners, for a web page.  Again it would go on a colored background so you are stuck with white showing on the edges.

Is there any way to get rid of the white box?!  Yes, if you create the image with a transparent background.
Transparency Trick
We'll show you a handy trick that lets you get rid of the white box. It works if you are creating the image (rather than using a pre-existing one).  And it doesn't matter if the drawings are in PowerPoint or Word because it's not the software that is important, it is the special technique we're going to show you.

[create graphics in PPt]

Graphics With Transparent Background

If you want to have a graphic or image without the white box, don't snag it.  You have to use the "Save As Picture" function instead.  It's simple -- just right click on your image.

  *   Create your graphic in a PowerPoint slide (or Word doc).
  *   Add any cool formatting to it that you'd like.
  *   Group all the parts you want together (See Tech-Talk.com. Search "group objects"
  *   RIGHT click on your graphic.
  *   Choose "Save As Picture"
  *   Select the image file type you prefer, however, it must be a PNG for a transparent background.

BONUS! Save an entire slide as an image if you want to capture the whole thing.

  *   [http://www.tech-talk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/slide-image.png] Place your cursor someplace in the slide you want to save as an image file. Go to File, then Save As.

  *   Select where to save the file.

  *   Change the Save as type from a PowerPoint presentation to a .gif, .jpg or .png file type.

  *   It will prompt you to save All Slides or Just this One, select Just this one.

  *   Now your whole slide will be a single image!

[communication]Communicate for Energy
Give a compliment to someone
How many times have you thought something complimentary of someone else, yet didn't utter a word?

I imagine it's often!  Most of us do.  We think these positive thoughts, yet they stay internal.  Why?  Are we shy?  Do we assume they already know?

How about these situations as examples...

  *   Someone has an idea you admired, but didn't say anything.
  *   A friend exhibits a positive attitude in a challenging situation that you admired.
  *   A child gives a radiant smile to a sick woman to make her feel better.
  *   A coworker is doing a fantastic job with a big project,
  *   A complete stranger in a store checkout line is wearing a striking scarf.

Think of all these unspoken words as missed opportunities ... as swallowed positivity ... the loss of potentially great energy.

Did You Know?

 If you actually speak what you think, not only will you brighten someone's day, but you'll gain a physical boost yourself. There's actual science behind it.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review showed that a positive interpersonal reaction will boost your energy higher than a Snickers bar or even a cup of coffee.

So, if you need a physical lift at work, take a minute to pay someone a genuine compliment. Look for opportunities. Make them happen! Don't let them slip by with silence.

Not only will you feel good yourself (mentally and physically), you'll boost the energy of others!


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