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I am forwarding the following linked survey at the request of Kristin Pekoll, Assistant Director at the Office for Intellectual Freedom, and Sara Dallas, chair of ALA's Committee on Professional Ethics<http://www.ala.org/groups/committees/ala/ala-profethic>.

Please excuse cross-postings.

Krista Reynolds, co-chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee

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I am writing to you on behalf of Sara Dallas, chair of with a request for your participation in a survey and for your help disseminating the invitation<http://connect.ala.org/node/266169> to any and all librarians. The purpose of this survey is to examine the awareness of professional ethics and principles within the LIS profession.  For the purposes of this survey, we will define professional ethics and principles to include access to information, intellectual freedom, privacy, copyright, and professional conduct.


Sara would like to be able to review results at Annual Conference so she is asking for a deadline of May 23, 2017.

Sincerely, liaison for the Committee on Professional Ethics,

Kristin Pekoll, Assistant Director
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