[Libs-Or] children who want a library card Re: Identification requirement for immigrants

Carol Dinges cdinges at ci.lebanon.or.us
Fri May 12 12:24:25 PDT 2017

Thank you, Marta – this is a promising solution.

Carol Dinges
Lebanon Public Library

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Carol and Ted,

For children and teens who want cards but parents aren't willing to sign the consent form you might check out Sno-Isle Libraries' one-book card for youth. This card works on two levels.

If a child or teen can't get a parent or guardian signature, circulation staff can issue a one-book card. The card gives them access to one physical book or book on CD at a time, access to the library databases, and check out on Overdrive. They are blocked from using the internet on the library's public PCs but they can use the library databases. (A postcard is mailed to parents about the card. We hope a parent or guardian will eventually agree to sign the minor consent form and then we can convert their account to a regular card.)

The other use of the one-book card is when a child/teen has an existing card that is blocked with overdue items. Maybe an adult used the child's card to check out DVDs that weren't returned. The circulation staff will talk to the child/teen about changing the account to a one-book. This allows the child (not the adult) to check out a book at a time. (I think there is a notification process about the status change in addition to overdue notices in hopes the adult will return overdue items.) SIL doesn't fine for overdue items but blocks cards. Eventually a bill gets sent for the items that have not been returned.)

Speaking for myself as a teen librarian, I love the one-book cards. They really lower barriers for middle- and high school-aged youth who wouldn't be able to use library services. Teens also can use the cards to check out from Overdrive on their school-issued Chromebooks and access databases. (A teacher helped us add the library and overdrive emails to the district whitelist so we can send the students emails about overdue and hold notices to their school emails.) So it's a win even if the teens and tweens can't get parents to drive them regularly to the library.

Regarding immigrants, talking points on privacy and how the library protects privacy may be helpful.

I encourage parents who don't want a cards to consider allowing their teens and tweens to have a card because using the library's homework resources and databases will help their success in school and build skills needed for college and jobs. It seems to work.

I hope this helps.

(While it's likely obvious, I'm speaking for myself and not representing SIL.)


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The latter issue has come up recently here, too – and will more as summer gets here.  Just yesterday I had a babysitter want to sign for a couple of elementary-age kids she takes care of.  Since we refer accounts to collections when lost books exceed $50, I’m very hesitant to issue a card to a child without the parent’s signature – I want the parent to at least be aware that the child has a card and checks out books.  We issues cards to teens who have their own photo ID (including school ID cards) without parent signatures, but teens generally understand the concept and have the means to return their books on their own.

Carol Dinges
Lebanon Public Library

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Subject: [Libs-Or] Identification requirement for immigrants

We’ve got a few issues that have recently surfaced:

1.       Our policy requires photo id and proof of residence when registering for a library card
2.       Some of our immigrant citizens are afraid to give us their personal information (ids, addresses, etc.) because of the current immigration climate.  As a result, we have some immigrant families who will not use the library and our services.

How are you all dealing with this?

Change the subject: What do you do with children who want a library card but don’t have a parent with them to provide proof of address, id and sign as the responsible party?

We recognize that there are some children who can’t bring a parent with them for a variety of reasons – parents are working 2-3 jobs to get by, parents are morons and too lazy to bring the kids.  We want kids to have access to reading and we want kids to be able to take material home.  What’s working for you?

Ted Smith, Director
Newport Public Library
Newport, OR 97365

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