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This Week's Tech-Talk:  WEBSITE
1. VIDEO ... Finding Alliterative Nouns
2. ARTICLE ... Finding Alliterative Nouns
3. COMMUNICATING ... Are You "Willing"?

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001JODGI-BCowdHCre8MkwwyhKX3M6wrAcQYQffyYAI_pJyRmf_AGhHfwjS8BSoBN84VKv3pj4N4DNUvmeutO9uoWuwIN-cIsZ1yoF7XZ6A_0_Di86-jCfW6-iYvrrgvYHq_E5RqTLEk7oTgKrlTmCm9EKyDZZQ5l6b5DMWiSkwIjs244rWRNj1JoYDy1kyu7OYGXWoeO7vm64j3vfJSR1Na5mHF8BHa3lV&c=d_8KlRu6bumURFWyWWD07PXYMAqTaDVbe4t2AVB9knx2ALTWuGuZ0g==&ch=gps3nQe5YtOsDSsJzhgjx_h5eK_meMOAUcMLOZWwzAKbgonxLn_lzg==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: WEBSITE - Finding Alliterative Nouns

Have you ever been trying to write something creative... and needed a bit of extra help and inspiration? For instance you may be composing a catchy article title, a description of a product or zippy flyer for a program.

Using alliteration is often fun and memorable.  The technique is to use words that have the same sound at the beginning.

  *   Stellar Student Studies
  *   Better Butter
  *   Perfect Purple Patterns
  *   Tech-Talk - Terms, Tips and Techniques for Non Techies
People use alliteration in marketing all of the time. Famous brands you'll recognize include Coca-Cola, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Krispy Kreme.   In addition to being easier to remember, alliterations can be FUN to say!
Adjectives vs. Nouns
When you're trying to come up with something clever, it's fairly easy to think of an adjective that will start with the same letters as your noun.  But, when you're looking for a line of alliterative nouns, it can be trickier.

We previously wrote a Tech-Talk about adjectives: www.AdjectivesStarting.com<http://www.AdjectivesStarting.com>. However, we were working on a project where we needed a third noun. On a whim we thought that maybe there would be a site for these as well... and there it was!


We were creating a new blog and were trying to find something clever that would describe one of the sections.  With the help of NounsStarting.com, we came up with Trepidations, Tribulations and Triumphs.

This free web tool can trigger ideas and point you to the perfect word you are seeking!

Using NounsStarting.com
[alliteration]The Challenge: Complete the phrase:
 "Tidbits, Tales and _______."

Go to www.NounsStarting.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001JODGI-BCowdHCre8MkwwyhKX3M6wrAcQYQffyYAI_pJyRmf_AGhHfwjS8BSoBN84nHxAg3D50ZH9AWWAsRYl52QQ7qYfn8gBFYCqcaCJ_u2H3q-rFaQH_QvDa0SxImFeTj2Wv7go4iRK6No1s_DCwZatIGASnI8-WnSPTBTu6JQa9DyKnNkLKw==&c=d_8KlRu6bumURFWyWWD07PXYMAqTaDVbe4t2AVB9knx2ALTWuGuZ0g==&ch=gps3nQe5YtOsDSsJzhgjx_h5eK_meMOAUcMLOZWwzAKbgonxLn_lzg==>

Start by looking up words that start with "T"

Result: "Tidbits, Tales and Treasures."
This resource is straight forward. When you need a Noun that starts with a particular letter, or combination of letters.... like "S" or "Sa" "Si" "Sm," etc... you just click on the letter of the alphabet.

NOTE: For each letter or letter combo, they only give you 20 ideas on the main page. You'll see additional choices (if there are more) when you click the "more" option.

If you're not quite sure of the meaning of a word you see, you can click on it and the definition and sample sentences will be displayed.

After you select a letter of the alphabet to find nouns with that letter, the results will show additional options to filter your results:

  *   All nouns
  *   Animals
  *   Food
  *   Objects
  *   Places
  *   Plants

[http://www.tech-talk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/TT787Nounsstarting2.png]Fun Examples

Be creative using alliterations in your writing...

  *   The Aardvark, the Alligator and the Antelope become friends
  *   Cupid's Cupcakes & Cream
  *   Wondrous Writing Workshop
Here's another fun alliteration
we found on the web.

[Communications]Communications:  Talking / Writing
Would you be willing to ...?
When you're asking for someone to think about a new idea, or handle a task, or do an errand, think about using the word "willing".

When you ask, "Are you willing to..." or "Would you be willing to..." you open up conversation and dialogue.

You're asking (or even directing) someone to do something.  But it is softened and shows more respect if you use the "willing" word in some way.  You are gaining concurrence.

So instead of... "I'd like you to re-think your position on this project."

Try saying...
"Would you be willing to re-think your position on this project?"

Now, of course, if the individual says no, and you really do want it to happen, you haven't backed yourself into a corner.  You can still follow with a stronger, insisting statement.  You haven't lost anything.  But you have shown a respectful consideration.   And more often than not, the question will yield a higher quality dialogue which will prove valuable.


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