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Wed Nov 8 14:45:39 PST 2017


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 This Week's Tech-Talk: WEB TOOL

1. VIDEO ... Don't Get Caught with Bad Grammar!
2. ARTICLE ...  Don't Get Caught with Bad Grammar!
3. COMMUNICATING ... You and I vs. You and Me

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ctiFbZzGJV_jF0DJtkzL288h04LBy7YnCWnJ5ZQf6C0S5AfAIWY0y1lN7gVlg9_g1VM3seZhp2bLSMJu0zsp3mFQVxpZq9qbwSaSM7cu-YcFx3PZSxYr5_jPX6Unt2olB8Hc1MhSpp7RVFPd_f4dnfkcCTIKQGfI6YCkK5oB-tj1FoCUYOwpiPm1m5FRIEw65VnDouyUZ9tzw48VIaiUSg==&c=U5984MkH64pNlf4sGS88A1OOIun_I3znRICx8NqMI1diQ_OMjXGbVA==&ch=_RAqcnmyGU18QvRhIp-WKichWz0lUNPyqvgo9LixafMEDtL_Ui13EA==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

WEB TOOL – Don’t Get Caught with Bad Grammar!

[Grammar errors]

The other day I posted something to a social media site and was horrified later when a friend called me out on the wrong use of the word "affect." How embarrassing!

Affect vs. Effect…. Their, There, They're… Me vs. I… we all have those grammar (and spelling) mistakes that trip us up from time to time. And you may also be guilty of dangling modifiers, wordy sentences and punctuation mistakes!

Sure, there are software and online grammar checkers you can use to help you from making these blunders, but they don't always find every mistake. Even Microsoft Word's pretty powerful Spelling & Grammar checker can let you down.

So… how do you make sure you prevent grammar (and spelling) errors if you're not even aware you are making them? Let's take a look at a tool that will help you take your writing to the next level.


Grammarly.com is a web tool that you can use (for free) to not only help you monitor the quality of your writing in programs like Word and Outlook, but in platforms you use online like Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.


Once you download this app, whenever you type, Grammarly checks your text for hundreds of common (and advanced) writing issues.

It can find over 250 types of grammatical mistakes such as:

·     Correctly spelled words that are used in the wrong context
·     Comma usage
·     Subject-verb agreement
·     Repetitive words
·     Weak adjectives
·     Writing style errors
·     And of course, misspelled words

Grammarly boasts that it can catch 10 times more mistakes than Word's spell and grammatical checker. And when it suggests changes, it will educate you on why the changes are recommended.

How Does it Work?

One pretty important thing to note upfront is that Grammarly is an online application -- so you do need an Internet connection for it to work. It's not software that you download to your computer and can use offline.

Grammarly offers these different options in the free version:

1.  A browser extension for Chrome<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ctiFbZzGJV_jF0DJtkzL288h04LBy7YnCWnJ5ZQf6C0S5AfAIWY0y1lN7gVlg9_glB7pWGVwyHjaJyj6G80A1TZkS_KrU2zui5ZbwGxmOlSpq6XykZFsQQ6LhsgdjCqNvr1Mkcp3Qed-IU1hNaL0eqsA4yDtPOI91BMFHnb0U7R_Gq7TRGIp6y4gqxjsob-50wd0aTrTmGYkbUGeHzGYEsegFXelYX4cNWzfjUVhRUkCbX6o8iGVuJrckRAe4gHx83vHjwxOPIPG7lQjQasP0w==&c=U5984MkH64pNlf4sGS88A1OOIun_I3znRICx8NqMI1diQ_OMjXGbVA==&ch=_RAqcnmyGU18QvRhIp-WKichWz0lUNPyqvgo9LixafMEDtL_Ui13EA==>, Safari<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ctiFbZzGJV_jF0DJtkzL288h04LBy7YnCWnJ5ZQf6C0S5AfAIWY0y1lN7gVlg9_gxH_HPWh-ARM7uiD9EAZlvg5MDM2gsl-MiInTWVpZW_qjHt0ZSy2GDDMKRJNd2Yim_9Q1zd7z8P5RTNrG7uXdTfsuTpezaoaVjH_j3XLRH5JH3tusGWq44vQcAy1XDpt_3PDuyrCzBV12nwczTzbyLA-Ib1nqm_JzNDr_iZvevRzMF64BzauAaA==&c=U5984MkH64pNlf4sGS88A1OOIun_I3znRICx8NqMI1diQ_OMjXGbVA==&ch=_RAqcnmyGU18QvRhIp-WKichWz0lUNPyqvgo9LixafMEDtL_Ui13EA==>, Firefox<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ctiFbZzGJV_jF0DJtkzL288h04LBy7YnCWnJ5ZQf6C0S5AfAIWY0y1lN7gVlg9_gQkV_aaq6SfZ7dFcZtG4leiK-vu_SsNF1tsLQ5CzvOFwid4AWkCyASJrM_xIKD04nw4XESmziFeRjlSQaUg9Vl-3ajTr1hm52blY9HsVKfSlYk5EDd1Ftou1FTLvTk6olz2T8QQso_1o=&c=U5984MkH64pNlf4sGS88A1OOIun_I3znRICx8NqMI1diQ_OMjXGbVA==&ch=_RAqcnmyGU18QvRhIp-WKichWz0lUNPyqvgo9LixafMEDtL_Ui13EA==>, and Edge<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ctiFbZzGJV_jF0DJtkzL288h04LBy7YnCWnJ5ZQf6C0S5AfAIWY0y1lN7gVlg9_gSUlM-QL_pFjOpG84vWdKn8XOfrrTChIScMrK1HiGRxjamEI88OErYH9Ilnko8Ns0VVPE80noTkRPV0Lm6Azca8N4IL9_TzRgitjfJKZFApnf0ZjyVGwQ5jmlH4kXHbhREoGPx0qIqBNsJWpxdoO2nCn3IvwqMLNmX9xYXt3BNFw=&c=U5984MkH64pNlf4sGS88A1OOIun_I3znRICx8NqMI1diQ_OMjXGbVA==&ch=_RAqcnmyGU18QvRhIp-WKichWz0lUNPyqvgo9LixafMEDtL_Ui13EA==> – to use in online platforms like social media, web forms, etc… NOTE: At this time, Google Docs are not supported.
2.  A desktop app for use on a PC (compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) or Mac (for Mac: macOS 10.9 and higher).
3.  For Microsoft Office<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ctiFbZzGJV_jF0DJtkzL288h04LBy7YnCWnJ5ZQf6C0S5AfAIWY0y1lN7gVlg9_ge-kKkQb0XrwVblyP3z3BsGV0Xo3B4Lw4ECLMpx4VcfZv8qd-UYFI-16KF8Dvy6ubVUOTWnwz-ZA2HYQInfAYIugcPkxJhcnNVBtFe3BMx64=&c=U5984MkH64pNlf4sGS88A1OOIun_I3znRICx8NqMI1diQ_OMjXGbVA==&ch=_RAqcnmyGU18QvRhIp-WKichWz0lUNPyqvgo9LixafMEDtL_Ui13EA==> programs like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook (compatible with Microsoft Office: 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016).

There isn't one magic button to download all three options. You need to choose which you want to activate for web, desktop or MS Office -- or all of them.

NOTE: Even though we use the word "download," it's not considered software, but more of an add-on or app.

Get Started with Grammarly

[download grammarly]

When you go to www.grammarly.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ctiFbZzGJV_jF0DJtkzL288h04LBy7YnCWnJ5ZQf6C0S5AfAIWY0y1lN7gVlg9_gdLXtA8et0sYsF9O6-46VSvvB2hlumq0Trt_eAb2lluu0A7_zHY5W3j-8zqAQCZbwKyVqXiicEGVxhFpoOfJyww==&c=U5984MkH64pNlf4sGS88A1OOIun_I3znRICx8NqMI1diQ_OMjXGbVA==&ch=_RAqcnmyGU18QvRhIp-WKichWz0lUNPyqvgo9LixafMEDtL_Ui13EA==>, it automatically detects what browser you're using (ie. Chrome, Firefox, etc...) and offers a download button for that specific one.

To set up your account, start by downloading the option for your preferred Internet browser.

Once your account is up and going, you can easily follow the Grammarly prompts to install it for Windows and/or Microsoft programs (find these options in the apps section of your account).

How to Use Grammarly

No matter what version you've downloaded, Grammarly works similarly to spell checkers you're used to using.

For example, in this Gmail note below, you'll see suggestions indicated with the red underline for each word or grammar error. Additionally, in the bottom right there's a red circle with a number in it to show you how many suggestions it is making.

You can either:

·     Click on the word or phrase and see Grammarly's suggested change (in green).
·     Pick the option to add to your dictionary if the word is spelled correctly.
·     Ignore the choice....

[Grammarly in Gmail]

·     Or, when you click on the See more in Grammarly option in the drop-down window or by clicking the red circle with the number in it, a window will open in Grammarly online to show you more about why the suggestion was made.

For instance, in this Facebook post below, first you see the underlined words in the post. When the "see more" choice was clicked under the word "stor,", Grammarly opens the online tool to reveal more details to why it identified that word, the corrected version and other suggestions.


(See how in the image below, in the online tool, it shows you word/spelling options and alternatives below.)

[Grammarly checker]

Here's another cool feature! If you have the web browser version, you can upload a Word document, or type text right in Grammarly to run the grammar/spell checker.

[online checker]


Communicating: Talking / Writing
You and I vs. You and Me

There's a song title called “You and I”. It comes from the line "You and I were meant to fly".

In that line, you and I are both subjects. We're taking action -- flying. So it's OK to say "you and I"!

But when it comes to "between you and I" ... oops, that's wrong because "you" and "I" are the objects of the preposition "between". So, "between you and me" is correct!

If it is the subject ... use "I"
If it's the object ... use "me"

Interestingly, it is said that the grammar specialists believe that we have created this incorrect use of the phrase "you and I" because of what they call "hypercorrection".

That means we've all been told over and over as youngsters that "George and me are going to a show" is wrong. Can't you hear your mom saying, "It's George and I"?

This conditioning makes us hear "between you and I" as sounding right. Unfortunately, it's not!

But don't fret. Frequent use (or mis-use) of the phrase over time makes it more acceptable as common vernacular. Vocabulary and grammar is constantly evolving.


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